Never Underestimate the danger of Edged Weapons

The problem I am hearing (and NOT on this forum) is people Poo-Pooing Knife attacks.
‘Well, I have a gun I’ll just shoot them’ Incorrect Einstein, you may get DEAD.
The NM Cop killed who walked up on a unstable Vet was a case in point (shown here
in another Topic)
** A guy in NYC this year (?) stabbed to death @ 4am on a Brooklyn street probably died wondering why?
WHY? you ask bring this up now?
Simple, We now have Protests/Riots breaking out Coast to Coast. You have a variety of cast of Characters and reasons (BLM, Antifa, Palestinian, Demoncrat who want Trump Imprisoned or dead)

DAMN, I wasn’t finished.
Be Careful folks. Knives are nasty and can kill you quick, and you may not see your assailant.

Head on a swivel but especially in crowds.

Be Safe
Stay Frosty


Good shoot.


Oh I will never underestimate an edged weapon. I’ve seen what someone that can use one can do and how swiftly they can do it, and I’d rather get shot…


Me too Brother, Me too!


Great video, showing the officers attempting to de-escalate the situation, also, backing away to open more distance, waiting until he unsheathed the weapon and advanced to take lethal action. If no cover is available, distance is your friend. Good to see well-trained officers.


Back in the eighties I had a friend whose brother in law was a trainer for a local police department.
Anyway he brought a vhs tape to my house that was a training film on edged weapons.
It showed victims of the attacks. Some survived and some didn’t but all had devastating injuries.
It doesn’t take a master of Filipino knife fighting do do serious damage and do it quickly.


Sad to see a LEO loose his life and this is very tragic. Thank god an armed good guy was there to take care of the bad guy and the officer.

Also it really drives home the importance of the 21’ rule!!


I’ve met, known and trained with a “Filopino” knife wielding 4th degree black belt who assists (or used to) train the Secret Service on how to deal with edged weapon attacks.
With him attacking you the twenty “five” foot rule is too short.
A thirty five foot rule if you knew he was going go attack was the absolute minimum you needed to shoot him while you moved away from him.
His 4th degree black belt was in the Filopino stick, bo and edged weapon fighting technique.
By the way his families Chinese restaurant is one of the oldest and most favorite restaurants located in Columbia Heights a northern suburb of Minneapolis, MN ( shameless plug! ).


Filipino stick fighting was also my introduction to proper edged weapons fighting.

We did eskrima, straight blade, and empty hand vs weapons.

Against a proper martial artist, I’m probably dead,…

Against a common thug with a Bowie from the Chinese shop,… well,… that’s why I’m with USCCA.


Will B,
Thank you so much for reminding me the type of martial art it is called. Is it spelled Escrima or Eskrima?

At any rate both my older brother and I started with Shodo Can Japanese karate.

My brother went on to Win Chun, the Bruce Lee style of Kung Fu (at one time ranked 158th in the world) and Escrima taught by the former head of the Filipino military martial arts.
My brother ended his martial arts because the DOD told him he could not be unavailable due to injury. He wrote computer code for satellites.

I went on to Wu Shu, a Chinese style and had an interesting 8 months with the Gracie brothers demonstrating how to fold laundry with people wearing the clothes.
I was not as attentive as I was constantly trying to “unfold myself”. It could take time to unf
After several unrelated injuries that never fully healed or repaired appropriately, I was retired early and have been undergoing surgeries
ever since.
As for joining the USCCA I had not shot a firearm but three times in the last 20 years. So I thought shooting is a perishable skill and things have been going dowhill in the publi


Oops! Human error.
I felt shooting skills were perishable and I needed more ability and skills to defuse a tense situation rather than respond as I had been trained.
Add some mental damages caused by fusing C 3-5 vertebra causing physical instability, 12 TIA’s in less than 25 months, memory loss and vertebra pinching my left arm and upper chest nerves including heart pulse rate lowering, I wanted something serious and fun at the same time to keep me sane.


Sorry for you Health Woe’s Chris
Part of Joining this Community I learned I wasn’t alone in dealing with ‘Battle field Trauma’
(That was a comfort for me)

And this is a lesson for all of us…

SHOOTING SKILLs/Training IS Perishable. If you don’t keep up it degrades.
Even though I dislike my Indoor Range intensely, I GO. I have to. I leave all my Anxiety
at the door and suck it up and have fun.

God speed all us Wounded Warriors!
Some have been through hell and still give the devil the finger!