Jewelry Store Robbery in Chicago 2/24/24

Breitbart posted a video from X showing a jewelry store clerk in Chicago shooting a robber trying to break open a display case. In the brief video this does not appear to be an armed robbery, and there does not appear to be any threat of death or severe bodily injury to anyone in the store. As such, do not be surprised or even upset if the clerk gets charged for the shooting.

This is not a good guy with a gun, it is an ignorant guy with a gun.

Another example of why we all need training and refreshers in both the law and in handling our firearms. Note also the clerk had to rack the slide before firing, meaning his firearm was not ready to be deployed, another aspect of quality trianing missing from his life.


How about an ignorant good guy?


That’s the guy who thinks that possessing a firearm is a cure for robbery.
No training needed, no round in chamber needed. What he needed was the firearm in his hands.

Clear example how “guy with gun” differs from “responsible gun owner”.

BTW … welcome to Chicago, where thinking has a different meaning. :wink:


They need training in non-lethal force, such as deploying pepper-spray. Not just issuing bottles to employees, but going through a ‘how to’ training session with a certified instructor. Smash-and-grabs have been going on for years now. What are owners thinking; not gonna happen to them? Time for a reality check. Owners of shops like this should ensure every employee is trained in what to do, when to do it, when not to do it, and how to do it effectively when necessary.


If there was law and order, that would make a big difference! But if so called prosecutors are not going to uphold existing laws that used to prevent such crimes, I’m thinking differently!
As far as I’m concerned, he should have had better training on aim!
He failed to put the threat down! The thug went back for the bag. We don’t know what kind of threat he was, but I’m not waiting for a gun in my face to react! By then I’m d.e.d. Dead.
There is no law and order under Biden! They are out there killing innocent people at random, GA nursing student! There’s going to be a lot more of this if we keep letting them rob people blind!
I may be in the minority, but all this sh/t has to stop. Biden created the modern Wild West we currently live!


you are giving him to much credit. his handlers told him to do it.
and yes it has to stop , if not we as a country will be no longer a republic. we’ll be some 3rd world shyt hole :frowning_face: