This is an article from the Illinoid State Rifle Association (ISRA)

Jewelry Store Robber Shot by Employee

This past Saturday morning’s robbery did not go as planned for two offenders. Upon entering a jewelry store in downtown Chicago and unsuccessfully attempting to take property, an employee who had a Concealed Carry license intervened, and shot and wounded one of the suspects. At this time, the two robbers have been released without charges. Apparently, robbery of a jewelry store in Chicago is okay!
We all know about the un-detainable offences now in, illinoid .

Once the communists complete their takeover, and it will be soon so, get ready, all this craziness will no longer be allowed.


What A joke that you can try and rob a jewelry store and no charges are filled. I will be waiting for Charges filed against the employee for taking the law into his own hands.


going once…

going twice…

and… article from the Illinoid State Rifle Association (ISRA) :wink:

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