NBC News Coverage of New Mexico Shooting

Let me preface my post with the statement that this incident was horrific and a terrible tragedy, and I have the utmost respect for the police officers that responded to this incident.
My complaint is with the language used in by NBC news regarding the police response to the incident.
In the attached video coverage, NBC shows videos of officers responding to the active shooter with their “long guns”. From watching the video, it’s obvious to anyone who knows firearms that they are using AR platform rifles. However, the news article is quick to point out that the shooter was using an AR-15 at some point in the incident.
Maybe it was not intentional, but it seemed to me that there was an effort to mislead the viewing audience, and not advertise that “good guys” use AR-15s too, and that those “long guns” are needed to even the playing field with criminals.To someone not familiar with firearms, a “long gun” sounds a lot less threatening to them than an AR, so seems misleading to me.


Of course, it was intentional. Just as you thought. :thinking:


Goes like that around here as well, we see things like “The police report the barricaded subject had an arsonal, body armour, a hand gun, an AR15, several hundred rounds of ammunition, a knife and other weapons…”. In reality he has less stuff in his house than most cop cars have in the trunk. But talk about that.


When in reality he has a 50 round box of ammunition, a Hi-Point, a pellet rifle, and a butter knife with with butter still on it.:grinning:


Just wow! That is all I can say!


The way I see it we are the minority. When I started carrying I knew it was going to be difficult. Keep the faith we can’t let our emotions control us.


When in reality he has a 50 round box of ammunition, a Hi-Point, a pellet rifle, and a butter knife with butter still on it…

Thanks Karacal… “a butter knife with butter still on it” small belly laugh , BIG smile! I needed that @ this time Brother

I was actually thinking along those lines before I read Yours.
…" ammo, gun, spatula, Assault tooth brush and skate key !"
Does anybody else remember a time when skate keys were the object of desire?
(My first dog tag)


“Keep the faith we can’t let our emotions control us”.

OUCH Brother, THAT hits home today! thank you for that.
As I wrote a Brother from this site just now I am @ a Low Point this morning.
S–t’s building and I forgot how the release valve works…
No worries Brothers (honest) just the devil Ptsd w/ a chaser of Anxiety

Will deal accordingly.

“A Warrior was never trained to retire”


You’re welcome. We all need someone we can lean on


Notice the use o “gunned down” “barrage of bullets” In my view totally inflammatory It could have read “police were forced to fire numerous times to stop xxx (no mention of names of mass murderers in any article i write) from continuing his killing spree after he shot 3 women.” My big beef with current journalism is the use of inflammatory language. Gotta juice it up.


“If it bleeds it reads”
(I didn’t create that)