Thank Goodness FBI is watching terrorist,... Watch them shot, Watch them Stab, Watch them Bomb, Watch them Run over people,

We never hear about the ones they stop.

I know we had some very bad situations averted locally. I would have never known except I talk to agents and police officers.

Back to the old post-9/11 line: they have to get it right 100% of the time. Terrorists only have to get it right once.

I’d vote for her in a heartbeat.

How is she not “right-wing”? She is a Republican and believes in our rights. That certainly sounds like a Conservative. Color of skin or ethnicity is irrelevant to one’s personal views, or should be anyway. People can and do grow and learn. My wife was not raised in a “Conservative” home, but she has learned through life experience and has moved politically to the Right.

My views on social issues have changed since I was young, but mostly have become more grounded in individual freedoms and limiting government and government programs that only continue the crisis and do nothing to help people become self-sufficient. Our Constitution does not guarantee equal results; it only espouses a belief that all men (people) are created equal. Neither does it grant pension benefits, health care, food and housing allotments, etc. We are a classless society and we have the ability and opportunity to work hard and become better-off.