Teacher’s Responsibilities

When a teacher accepts responsibility for a student, he/she is accepting all the obligations of a parent. That includes protection of the child from physical and emotional harm. Most parents understand the need to lock their doors at night. Fewer will turn on alarm systems. Some understand police response times cannot protect us from immediate threats in the home so we form defensive strategies.

I am appalled at the lack of personal responsibility some modern teachers display on television and social media these days. How dare they accept my child and not consider how to defend the classroom from evil people? They are the problem. They gave these children a false sense of security and invited the wolves to come feast. If you are not going to be prepared to defend my disarmed child by locking the doors, staging weapons, training the students, and not abandoning them in favor of sparkly distractions, you have no business accepting responsibility for my child’s safety.


What about the emotional harm from calling instructors “he-she’s” right away?

Come on, guy

If you were to take the stance toward your children that some teachers are taking you could be accused of and probably be guilty of neglect.


I read “he/she” as “he or she” not “he-she” as in transexual…the devil’s in the details…or was this just tongue in cheek, no pun intended…