Taurus GX4XL?



I think Taurus is the best “not expensive” handgun manufacturer ever.

With this model, looks they followed SIG’s P365 route with expanding model versions.
Good move.
Taurus even made the pistol more comfortable than P365 making bigger backstraps. P365 needs an aftermarket frame module to have this great profile below the beavertail.

I’m wondering if we do have any GX4 owners here and what they think about XL version.


For less than $50 you can put a Wilson Combat grip module on the P365. Worth every penny!!!


Yeah, definitely. Wilson Combat frames are great updates.

But… still initial cost of $430 for GX4XL, vs $599 for P365XL makes difference.

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You can’t really compare Taurus and Sig Sauer solely on price. It’s an apples to oranges comparison. Specially since you are comparing the XL model which comes with an optics cut and 3 dot night sights out of the box. How much do Glock tritium night sights cost, to at least make the comparison more even (100-200)?

If price was my only consideration I’d probably prefer the Taurus, but price is not the only consideration for me when it comes to firearms. Particularly since the P365 has been in the market for a much longer time, and consequently the aftermarket is very large.

Full disclosure, I have a P365 X (short barrel - taller frame). I bought this after testing out a Ruger LCP, Beretta APX, Taurus G3c, and the P365. I liked the grip on the P365 the best. The Beretta was the nicest, least snappy of the options, but in the end concealability and the optics cut right out of the box made my decision easy.

Is Taurus a good buy? I’d say yes. I did not like how the grips fit in my hand, but that is always going to be an issue from shooter to shooter. It does not mean there is anything wrong with the pistol. Is Taurus a better value than Sig Sauer? That is very debatable, IMO.

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