Taurus G3c

Curious about the communities impression of the Taurus G3c? I’m thinking of getting this gun for my wife as her EDC; or giving her my G2c and keeping this one for mine.
I’ve have nothing but high praise for the G2C and most likely will move forward with the G3c, just interested in everyone’s opinion.


I’m sure we hear from Taurusians soon, but in the meantime please check this:


@Thomas190 has one. I’m sure he can get you a review :+1:

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I just got my g3c and I like it a lot. It feels good in the hand and has a really smooth trigger. It’s a lot of fun to shoot. It came with 3/ 12 rounds magazines as well.


I am thinking about one for my sister. She can shoot & has her LTC. She carries a Charter Arms 38 that I bought my mother when my stepfather passed. I have her talked into a semi auto. I have 5 carry pistols but she wants a new one & is willing to pay around $300. The reviews dor the compact are so - so but my range has one that we can shoot. We’ll see


I believe @45IPAC has some pictures to show you why 1911s do not need so many rounds in their mags. :sunglasses: I will steal one of his latest:


I have a G3 and enjoy it. I have been looking at videos of the G3C on youtube and I’m thanking of the G3C as my EDC. I like IWB but the G3 is big. Here in Georgia USA we can go conceal or not with a permit. The G3C looks great and have seen all good reviews of it.