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With the unprecedented shortage of handguns, long guns and ammunition (bound to get even worse under the new administration), certain opportunities might arise for you in terms of expanding your gun-ownership horizons. If you’re looking for a new everyday carry (EDC) gun, the 9mm Taurus G3c is an EDC pistol that you should strongly consider.

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I was introduced to the older brother of the 3Gc-- the 2Gc… I guided a 70ish year old lady in buying a firearm. … she had the choice of a Ruger LC9s (my choice) and a Taurus 2Gc-- she chose the 2Gc… I was very impressed with the 2Gc and the double stack magazine. The 3Gc rates as well as the 2Gc… very little difference in the two. I couldn’t get the 3Gc in my 'hood, so I bought my wife he 2Gc for Christmas… She loves it. For the price you cant beat the 2 or 3Gcs.

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Hard to beat the price. New Taurus is definitely better option for EDC than few years ago, especially within this price range.