Gun Vault: Taurus Millennium G2 9mm

Who loves their Taurus?

What Taurus do you carry?

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Millennium G2 9mm is my travel buddy. Mainly because it goes bang each time I pull the trigger. Secondly it’s economical to buy and feed and to me it’s a tool for self-defense and not a family member in other words guns are just not my main interest anymore. And thirdly; I don’t want an expensive gun because police in my state will never return a nice sweet more expensive gun to the rightful owner, it’s going to go ‘lost’ and end up in the ownership of a police lieutenant or above.


This is actually one of my preferred EDC. I carry that or a G19X. Love it. I had rubber grips put on it because I didn’t like the Talon Grips. I also bought a longer magazine to grip better.

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I picked up a Taurus G2C in FDE back in February just because it was so cheap at $225 and I’ve been wanting a handgun in the FDE Color scheme. Awesome and reliable handgun as a primary CCW or as a backup. The ergonomics in the hand just feel right. I sold my Springfield XD40 subcompact that I could not stand, so it was like an even trade.