Talon grips for edc

Has anyone used talon grips for edc? I’ve order the slide grip and the pro pistol grip for Ruger American 45. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them or Installation tips.


I have had them on the majority of my pistols and my AR 5.56. My Walthers don’t need them. I started out trying the granulated then the rubberized, then they came out with the Pro Grip and now I only use that one. Very easy to apply. They have a USSCA discount also.


I forgot to check the discounts i just asked for one so they gave me 10% off. If i like it i have others i can apply the grips to.


Was not a fan at 1st, had tried it on friends pistol. Then got one as a gift, now I have on the EDC. Just note that it will scuff the holster. Enjoy


I have used Talon grips for conceal carry.

I like them. Especially the newer ‘pro’ or whatever in between.

Not all pistols are helped by them, but the “this texture needs improved” pistols, it’s nice to have the talon grip option

MIne never scuffed a holster, I haven’t had a holster that covers the grip area (my holsters all allow a full grip on the gun while it’s in the holster, and the galon grip only goes where the hand goes)


Got this heading to my FFL.
10mm 1911.

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Nice😎 is the frame silver of green? Hard to tell from the Ad.

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I have the rubberized Talon grips on part of my S&W M2.0. I applied them following the directions. At first I did not like them because they felt slippery, but it must have been the oils from the rubber needing time to dry out.

It was on a pistol I rarely carried, so I would test it out out every month or two. After a long time the greasy feeling went away and they are fine. Unfortunately I needed them for the way I grip the M2.0, as my middle finger was getting torn up. I took them off the back strap (needed to put a different size grip after I applied the Talon grips; required cutting the Talon grips).

For now, it is fine… not great, but works fine. I plan on keeping it this way unless the uncovered back strap starts tearing up my clothes.

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I have them on most of my polymer guns. Love them. I don’t care for the abrasive type and opt for the rubberized versions.

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I haven’t tried the rubberized grips myself yet. I tend to like the aggressive abrasive grips…my hands start to get sweaty and then can slip…habent had that problem with the abrasive grips yet. On my new Tisas 1911 it has the G10 grips…I really like those!!!

Silver G10 grips…awesome g