Considering Stippling My Glock Myself PRO AND CONS HELP NEEDED

So can anyone help. Ill never sell it , it looks nice as from what i can tell , improves grip, and im crafty enough to do it. Im waiting on all my parts to come in , so i need something to do otherwise. Anyone try it or had had it done?


Not thrashing the idea but personally I believe it’s more for looks than actual grip. That being said your gun your’s to do what you please. Find some plastic and practice. Doesn’t seem to be too difficult to do


Talon Grips would be a fun project you can go back on later.


I have never done stippling on my guns but remember if you do it, it will take originality away from the gun. If you do intend on selling or trading later on its irreversible.


Im looking for honest answers no offense taken.

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I have Talons on my PC M&P Shield and love them


I have a PC shield I’ve considered putting them on. I have a 2.0 Shield with the aggressive texture and I really like it. It does scrape my side up a lot though. So part of my likes the option between the rough and smooth. I may throw talon grips on it for kicks one day down the road.


Now your talking brother you wont regret it and later on if you want to make your gun original again take them off.


Interesting point. Might consider the pros and cons of keeping the body side a little smoother so you don’t take skin off your hip with the rougher texture.


I think you should give it a go. You should make the weapon yours, you may want texture on the front of the grip or not. It is yours and it must fit you and your needs or it is just a rock. If the weapon moves in your hand accuracy will not be want you want or need. If you are a person that prespirares when you are under stress you may want more aggressive stippling to “Lock” in your grip. I would go lightly on the stippling until you can decide which areas need more or less. The good thing is that the grip area on the Glock can be bought new if it is not what you want.
It is yours make it to fit your needs.



I mean, if you mess up or don’t like the stippling, you could put talon grips over it. I’m not an artist myself. So I would not do it personally.


I was on the fence on trying myself or going to have all of mine sent out.

I went with talon grips, and have been very happy.

I did double under cut my trigger guards that I did myself, and for me I’m happy with it combined with the talon grips.


If the rough texture of the stippling is what you like, HandleIt grips sell the sandpaper texture in the laser cut stick on grip wraps, at $12. I love mine. In the end, only you know what you really want to do.


My son did his Glock (42 I think) and I was impressed with how it came out. He’s not real artsy craftsy and is as impatient as a squirrel so I was impressed that his random actually looked good. It has been a VERY rare occasion that I have sold a gun so I never had an issue carving on one. I say rock on. You could even find a bit of ABS or Polymer to practice on to get your technique down or even try it on the base pate of the magazines.