Talk about irony


I’m not surprised. Anti-2A folks tend to have a general lack of education about firearms and harbor a lot of misunderstandings. More broadly, they have different ideas about self-defense and personal responsibility. From that point of view, I would actually expect a number of crazy shooters to have some sort of anti-2A background.


Ya just can’t make this stuff up!


I have a better idea. Stop breeding killers!
This is no surprise. I warned that the liberals would keep sending out mass killers. This is not the last! They are going to keep sending out killers until they’ve accomplished their goal of total annihilation of pro Americans who believe in the Bill of Rights.
If this is a plan and a conspiracy hatched between China and Joe, they are winning!

Have you ever wondered how they stop a forest fire?
It’s time to start a backfire! We have a forest fire with less than 1% is contained.

Stop breeding liberals!


I know I’m a broken record on this and probably no one else cares, but the problem is not “liberals.” Not real liberals, anyway. Many of the U.S. founders were liberal. They believed in human rights and freedom.

The problem in current U.S. politics is the authoritarian streak that we see in the progressive and socialist movements. This is not a liberal quality, it’s something entirely different. Authoritarianism is quite the opposite of what a politically liberal movement would value.


Would “Democrats” be more or less descriptive? It seems like Liberals, Progressives, Socialists and Authoritarians all fall under the same banner these days.


Yeah, as an outsider looking in, I think there’s a struggle for the soul of the Democratic Party, right now. The typical American liberal isn’t really welcome in either party, at the moment.

A problem for me is that as the Democratic Party tolerates more and more authoritarian nonsense, they become less and less of a viable counterweight to Republican nonsense. Ideally, I’d prefer to have a few different platforms to choose from so I can abandon any party that starts going off the rails.


First, you’re right. I’m fixated on a particular set of words. I have other words, but I’m not sure they can be expressed here!
I don’t know how to express evil!
In addition, when the government goes this far off the rails isn’t that exactly why the 2A exists? Or are we not recognizing tyranny when we see it?

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The American populace is not used to having such overt tyranny wrought against them.
I’m not liking the transition.


The tyranny has been going on for quite awhile. I believe it really kicked into high gear after 9/11 when the government rammed the Patriot Act down our throats and virtually eradicated the 4th Amendment and damaged quite a few others in the process. I believe almost every single Congress Critter on the left and the right voted for that one.

The only couple of people I remember voting against this act were Democrats or Independents by the way. Including 1 self proclaimed Democratic Socialist from VT named Bernie Sanders. I don’t agree with most of his positions but he was one of the few to see the threat to our liberty this unconstitutional monstrosity presented and one of the only 2 or 3 brave enough to stick their necks out and vote against it.

These problems have been building for a long time. I don’t see anyone on the right or left doing anything to solve our mountain of issues outside of spouting off a bunch of impotent rhetoric to pander to their bases for the votes they need to keep padding their own pockets.

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I would agree that the rot comes from both sides. It’s called “The Swamp”.


2 October 1789 - President Washington sends the 2nd Amendment (as part of the Bill of Rights) to the states for ratification.
15 December 1791 - the 2nd Amendment is ratified.
25 September 1794 - President Washington federalizes state militias in order to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion.



Yeah, that does not come as much of a surprise to me. Looney liberal mom probably encouraged her daughter’s gender confusion / mental illness. SMH