Tactical Tuesday: Stop a bad guy from getting your gun

Being able to retain your firearm in a high-stress self-defense situation is one thing we don’t always train for. A bad guy may do something you don’t expect — like rush you and go after your firearm.

Here’s a Tactical Tuesday video to help you practice keeping control of your firearm if you’re attacked:

How do you train for firearms retention?


I have practiced retention keeping in the holster but not after. The video gives a great option.


Good way to retain your weapon using the bad guys force against him


Sooo many skills to learn. Perhaps a weak side fixed blade knife or pepper?

A lot harder when you’re already on the ground in a headlock like 2015 Florida guy… CCW Tackles from behind?


I’ve had an epic failure if this happens. I understand the concept but I am not as strong weakside due to damage in left hand. So I would most likely use an alternate method. There is a reason I carry a number of blades in my EDC.

  1. I am going to try and eject the mag, fire off the one round, and kick the magazine far and hard. I have 2 more mags on my person so I can afford to kick one away for that moment until I have control of the handgun.

  2. Grab Kerambit, make as hard a cut at his dominant hand,going for tendons, ligaments, possibly arteries. But if it’s a big old tussle on ground. Will cut what I am given. I am going to be cutting him, quick, deep, and alot.

  3. Depending on strength differential, I may try to push a finger behind the trigger. That one is only if I feel like I have parity or am only slightly weaker. While I finish with knife.


This is a very important lesson!


Never had a chance to practice close quarters. It seems to be important part of self defense training.
I have to ask my Instructor to put this into his class.


A very bad situation to be in if someone tried to snatch your weapon while in a holster. In the academy we were taught to drop our center of gravity and pinch the aggressors hand between the holster and your hip. I’m going to tell you that he will feel pain and release that weapon. Other techniques have been developed since but just a suggestion.