Tactical Tips

Tactical Tips…share one if you have one

i’ll start with one
let’s say you find yourself wrestling/struggling with an attacker, you draw your weapon and push it into their gut, against their body and pull the trigger only to find it will not shoot (if the slide is pushed back in the slightest it will not fire)…simply hold the slide forward with the palm of your other hand, and fire, it will push back on your palm but you will be fine, but your attacker will not.


Use your free hand to push the attacker away. Then shoot center of mass.

When using a knife, slash don’t stab.


If being attacked by a knife, if you have the chance take off an article of clothing and wrap non dominant arm as a shield, use belt to wrap attackers arm. Be prepared to be cut.


If you are carrying a firearm also carry a knife and pepper spray. As they say " if your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail".
Unless you are carrying a revolver hold your pistol against your last rib in a horizontal position and shoot for the hips and pelvic area. I practice this regularly.


In general when you are at bad breath range the preferred option is to leave your gun/knife/etc. where they are and concentrate on Extreme Violence. Your primary focus should be to damage your attacker and break contact. Never punch a person in the face or head, go for the throat, it’s soft and squishy. If your hands are locked up, go for the feet or the knees with your foot, stomp on an arch, rake the knee cap, knee the groin. Swing your arms around windmill style to break your hands loose, you will have force and velocity on your side. If you get a hand free IMMEDIATELY go for the eyes with two fingers (A’La the Three Stooges but with just a bit more FEELING), THEN punch them in the throat. Don’t forget you have a forehead for head butts and teeth to bite anything you can sink them into. Unless you are exceedingly well trained in wrestling NEVER to to the ground with your opponent. If you feel yourself falling forwards or backwards LAUNCH your body in that direction and roll clear if you can.

If/When they go down BREAK CONTACT, run three to five strides away and then turn 90* for two more strides and employ your EDC to cover down. Do not close with them again if they are down, if they get up and come towards you, shoot them as many times as is necessary.

If you get in a knife fight where the both of you only have a knife you have already screwed up. There is only one Golden Rule in a knife fight. You WILL get cut or stuck.




Practice running backwards so that you can maintain distance and gain time without losing sight of your adversary. Sounds silly, but in all seriousness, turn to a tactical 45° and try shuffling backwards down the hall without 1) losing sight of an object in front of you, 2) running into the wall, 3) tripping over the dog or stepping on your kid’s legos, or 4) tripping over your own feet. It’s not as easy as it sounds. If you have coordination issues, go slowly.

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