Weekend Drill: Don't Shoot the Good Guy

This is a little bit older video, but it’s still a great training drill. You can use double targets or a single target that you draw on.

Do you use a drill similar to this in case, God-forbid, the worst happens?

I do quite a bit.

I feel this is an extremely important skill. If I hit the good guy while practicing I go home , range day over.
If I hit civilian in real life situation, I should rethink carry lifestyle.


I’ve, literally fired this scenario 1,000’s of times. I have creased the hostages ear once. I shoot with much smaller tolerances, plus I am talking the whole time, random things usually to try and keep focus on me. I’ve told my wife and daughter that if this ever happens, just pretend to faint and go completely limp.

Even with that I am only taking that shot if it’s my wife or daughter. I will do my best to keep them in place until the professionals get there if it’s someone else. It’s not that I don’t think I can make the shot, it’s the fact that I don’t know what has transpired up to this point.


I do agree that it is an extremely important skill, but I do not believe that in a high stress situation I will be as accurate as I am on the range. I never want to be in this situation and faced with that choice.

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I also believe that making those shots under that kind of stress is reserved for television and movies. I agree my sidearm should remain on my side. I never want to be in a position to use my firearm.

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I don’t ever want to be in this position either. But as both a husband, and a father. It is something I have to consider. I know the statistics on women taken from one crime scene to another. They are not kind. I would do everything in my power to delay until the professionals got there.

But if I am forced to make that shot I will. I’ve taught both my wife and daughter about going limp, I’ve trained with distractions, armor on and off. Role played it while talking, taking the shot in the middle of talking. I also shoot this scenario in far smaller tolerances, say half or only 1/3 of the bad guys head showing. Shooting from a draw.

Just typing this stresses and scares me, but I know what happens if they get taken somewhere else. I can’t live with that. As I said I will do everything I can to delay it, until professionals get there. But if I have to. I am not allowing them to leave with my wife and/or daughter.

I would offer to trade myself for them, or to even allow the bad guy to leave unmolested. But he is not leaving with them.

This is not me espousing vigilantism, I would do everything to get professionals there, delay everyway I could.


Do believe I’m going to start doing this when we go to the range. I like this alot.

I love the fact that you train for the rare - but very real and scary - chance that this may happen.

Bad guys want easy targets. Women who fight back, make a ruckus, and are very situationally aware make hard targets, but not impossible targets. Knowing what you might do in that situation can be the difference between life and death.

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