Suppressors on EDC pistols bad idea?

I’d typically simply do as I please, and use a suppressor without worrying about legal ramifications if I HAD to use it for self-defense. However, given the current political landscape etc., I wonder what any legal problems I may or may not run into if I legally suppress and carry a suppressed handgun.

Also, if anyone knows who may have a threaded P365XL barrel in stock, I’m taking advice on that as well.

Info/comments etc. desired.

Take care ya all

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I would first have to ask why you’d want one, it just adds length which means a longer draw which is a downside if you have a close attacker and you have to get a shot off with your elbow at a 90* angle instead of a full draw and present, and the added weight of the suppressor combined with the length might throw your shot off which could mean a lawsuit.

I’d advise completely against it, especially on something as small as a 365.


I’d have to agree it doesn’t sound like a good idea.

There isn’t any legal reason why you couldn’t, if you have a legitimate reason for needing to shoot someone it shouldn’t matter what accessories are on your firearm. Will the prosecution make up some wild stories about you thinking you are an assassin wannabe? Probably, but a good attorney should sort that out with the quickness.

But the logistics of carrying a suppressor are terrible. It adds several inches (at least) to the end of the barrel making drawing very awkward. It adds weight and length making it harder to conceal and more uncomfortable.

I would also be a little concerned with a suppressor being an NFA item you can’t always just take them wherever you want. At a minimum you need to notify ATF when crossing state lines. There may be some other gotchas I can’t think of.


True, hadn’t even thought of that. One of the disadvantages to not living in a “free” state.

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I wouldn’t do it on my EDC because it would be more difficult to conceal. If anything I would put it on a home defense pistol if it were legal to do so.


First, as mentioned, hard to conceal. Second, as also mentioned, what would be a reason to have a suppressor at all.? The first question after self defense action made by DA would be: “where you looking for silent kill?”
More “shots fired” sounds more safe you are.


Ok, I’ve not actually viewed compatible suppressors, their size, or anything like that.
Reason I’d like one is for the range, and I thought they were only about an inch long, in which case drilling out the bottom of the holster and training would solve mentioned problems.
I’m new to suppressor concepts etc., so sorry, bad question, I should’ve researched it more. I may be thinking of a flash suppressor vs a sound. My bad.
Why? Because I’ve got about 50% hearing loss from military service and if I shoot with less sound I simply feel it would be less likely to do more damage is all.

thanks ya all


For the Range… I don’t see a problem - as long as you are good with local laws.
But to be honest, I would invest more in hearing protection and shoot without suppressor to have range time conditions as close as possible to your real environment.


good points all. I think I’ll save myself cost of a barrel + suppressor and just be dang sure I keep plugs & muffs in/on.
My hearing loss came from USAF jets + M16 fire back in D Storm era.
Oh well, I have really good hearing aids the VA supplied, so we good. Now if they would get my actual pay straight, stop thinking I’m working when I ain’t hit a lick nearing 20 years, we’ll be ALL good.
So help me, the anxiety of the pay they have cut me is just ludicrous. Thank God we weren’t living check to check else we’d be asking for assistance. I don’t much care for that idea so we’ve been careful to not allow it to ever happen. However, I COULD be using my pay rather than those aholes registering it in my ledger as back pay owed monthly. Hell, could buy a damn fine firearm every 2 months for wat they holding. The VA disability system will screw a legit disabled vet like me in a heartbeat, then take months or more to resolve it. Everyone be advised, that’s how they treat us.

Ya all take care,


Well I know where I’d conceal it but the draw would be horrible & sitting quite the problem. Lol


(EDITED) So as not to be so insulting…

Sorry…but is this really a serious post?

First, I ALSO have hearing loss due to military service and I’m currently receiving VA benefits as a result. That doesn’t mean that it’s realistic to carry your EDC with a suppressor because it opens up a whole new can of worms and it isn’t realistic.

Second, Consider the legal ramifications, if you are forced to use your EDC w/ suppressor, you will likely have a LOT of legal issues as a result. It’s almost a given that you will be questioned on why you felt you needed it? Did you expect to fire your weapon and therefore knew to put a suppressor on it? Was this a premeditated murder on your part? was this a paid hit? Basically, you’ll be accused and prosecuted as the aggressor and who knows the legal woes you and your family will endure as a result. A typical shooting takes it’s toll on a person and their family. Complicate it by adding an unusual item like a suppressor and you have a perfect Poop sandwich and you’ll be forced to take a bite.

Third, I’ve used suppressors in the military and drawing one from my holster took time. It was easy ONCE it was out…but the notion of drawing it safely from beneath your clothes seems impossibly tedious. I often opted for drawing a knife instead of drawing my suppressed pistol because it was 10x faster and I could close the gap far sooner with blade in hand than try and draw a damn suppressed pistol.

Lastly, consider how your actions will be viewed by others and realize that you’re not only impacting yourself…but the rest of us. if you used a suppressed pistol in a self defense situation, chances are you’d be made into a poster child for the Anti-gun groups as a perfect reason why suppressors need to be banned. A suppressor isn’t a firearm so there are no “rights” protecting it. In my state, I had self entitled dimwits walk around open carrying their firearms as a demonstration of their “right to bear arms”. Problem is, they drew so much attention that politicians were able to introduce a ban on open carry and people signed off on it. So, you need to stop and consider how your actions will be viewed and how it’ll impact others. I’m not saying you have to placate everyone, just be cognitive that making poor choices can affect us all.

As for shooting at the range, if you can legally obtain and use a suppressor in your area, have fun. They aren’t like hollywood and “silence” anything. They reduce the noise by about 20-40 decibels if I remember correctly so not silenced…just not so ear shattering but ear plugs and hearing protection do FAR better to save what hearing you have left than thinking a suppressor alone will help.

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all in all–I’d say a bad idea. In my opinion, you’re asking for unnecessary trouble. I would think that if the situation ever arose where you had to use your EDC for defense, and it had a suppressor on it, you’d run the risk of giving the entire suppressor industry a huge black eye, and I would assume you’d open a new arguement against ownership.
Please don’t do that.


Too big, heavy, and unwieldy for EDC. 1” long? I wish. Here is my suppressed 19X, granted it’s in long mode.


yeh, was a serious post. I was confused about suppressors is what happened. Sorry to have been in error.

I have since changed my interest to a RomeoZero on the 365xl. I bought 1 yesterday for $190 local. Then when they were attempting to install it, a screw stripped cause Sig torques everything so tight OR they didn’t use the correct size allen wrench. Now my pistol and the red dot are en route to the manufacturer.
I did order a clinger holster for it, the deep cover model. Let’s face it, the 365xl is not very large at all, so no need to order big holster type for it.
I’ll be anxious to get it back and try out the RomeoZero.

k, back to the suppressor thing. I’m pretty sure I was confused between sound and flash suppressors.
My dang bad, sorry to have inconvenienced anyone. And, now that I realize the size of a suppressor, I know without doubt they’d be way useless, and overboard equipment for EDC.

Peace Out


@Smiddy Your question was not unreasonable given your condition but as you have discovered fairly impractical even with the smallest of cans. That being said if I had a PCR or AR pistol type platform for HD I would be all over a can for use in the house. I have 104dB High Frequency Hearing Loss (HFHL) in the left ear and 88dB HFHL in the right ear due to military service so according to OSHA I need to wear double hearing protection to protect me from myself :roll_eyes: so I get where you are coming from. A can on something as small as a 365 is going to change everything about how the gun shoots and operates so using one to practice is not practicing reality. I tend to use plugs and electronic muffs to protect what I have left on range days and have maintained fairly well over the past decade. When it all comes down to it and your A$$h0le slams shut around your neck you will never even hear the gun go off, auditory exclusion is a real thing. That and it’s better to be able to b!tch about the ringing in your ears that the other option.