Noise Supressors

I’m looking at either making or buying a noise suppressor (silencer) for .22, 9mm and/or .45 acp subsonic gun. The 45 would be really nice. It really just for fun. No I haven’t picked up a new shift in out of state or foreign countries. The obvious use is to use it wherever they allow me. I’m aware of the costs and taxes and registration. I heard it takes 9 months to transfer one into your name but only a few weeks to register one you make using form 1.
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There are videos you can find online like the one I’m going to link that show how to make your own. The video I’m presenting also goes over how to legally make and apply for the permit. It’s something I never would have guessed would have worked but I’ll let you watch the video and find out. The video mentions filing a form 1 and than being able to manufacture your own suppressor after approval (video mentions it takes about a month).

Here is the video from MrGunsnGear Channel:

Oil Filter As A Silencer: Does It Really Work?

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PS — Excellent topic. I’m also curious for some more replies and to find out more about suppressors. :slightly_smiling_face:

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My advice is They have suppressors and all the info on purchase process, stamp included. It can all be done through them or any of the dealers that they are affiliated with. This avoids any paperwork pitfalls that may cause a problem. Believe me with the long wait times you don’t need a paperwork issue. Of course a local class 3 dealer can do the same but I’m in a more rural area so YMMV. I personally would avoid the you build path but if you do please let us know how that goes if you do. Form 4 stuff has been around 7-9mos. Form 1 was about 4weeks but that was pre-biden regime. I’m betting that the wait times will be going up dramatically. Good luck.

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water bottle and duct tape.

Silencer shop


I can’t understand the hate the government has for suppressing a gun. I feel like it’s a safety device. They usually encourage safety devices. What gives!? The stealth aspect I guess. If that’s the case, wouldn’t that stealthy law breaker not be worried about making their own illegal one anyway!? Is it just a money grab!? So frustrating!

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