Now waiting…

November 23, 2022 I purchased my first suppressor. And now going to probably wait within a year until I physically have it.

I definitely want to thank the Alamo in Naples with everything from the paperwork to the kiosk.

So my question to anybody who purchased a suppressor, do you remember the time purchase to the day that you finally got it in your hands?


A friend of mine has got his in four months since the changeover of how to file. I personally, a couple years ago it took 13 months. It sure is nice and quiet that’s for sure!


If this is true, I may finish my form 1, and get one with a form 4… My form 1 build is to work around the delay related to the 4. The closer to instant gratification, the better!


14.5 months here, 2 from Silencercentral. Pre electronic. First outing was a disaster, Banish 30 threads were too tight, Banish 223 had my 12.5" AR losing it’s mind. Fortunately I thrive on embracing the suck, have 4 guns dialed in with the cans now, 2 AR’s, 2 bolt guns, and the main issue is I now shoot everything I bring as it’s just so darn pleasant.