Now waiting…

November 23, 2022 I purchased my first suppressor. And now going to probably wait within a year until I physically have it.

I definitely want to thank the Alamo in Naples with everything from the paperwork to the kiosk.

So my question to anybody who purchased a suppressor, do you remember the time purchase to the day that you finally got it in your hands?


A friend of mine has got his in four months since the changeover of how to file. I personally, a couple years ago it took 13 months. It sure is nice and quiet that’s for sure!


If this is true, I may finish my form 1, and get one with a form 4… My form 1 build is to work around the delay related to the 4. The closer to instant gratification, the better!


14.5 months here, 2 from Silencercentral. Pre electronic. First outing was a disaster, Banish 30 threads were too tight, Banish 223 had my 12.5" AR losing it’s mind. Fortunately I thrive on embracing the suck, have 4 guns dialed in with the cans now, 2 AR’s, 2 bolt guns, and the main issue is I now shoot everything I bring as it’s just so darn pleasant.


looks like things are moving.

Just this morning I only had two green, now I’m at for green.


Well, now the waiting game. Let’s see what happens in 90 days.

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Mine took 439 days, almost 15 months. That was a normal paper form submitted a couple months before eForms started. I think I submitted it in Feb 2021 and then finally got the tax stamp in May 2022. Hopefully whenever they get caught up on the influx from when eForms first started the wait times will start to shorten, but I’m not really holding my breath too much. I know eForms have unfortunately been taking quite a while as well. The best advice I can give is to try and “forget” about it as best you can. It helps the time pass a little faster. I hope it is a short wait for you!

Nothing like paying a ridiculous tax and waiting a ridiculous amount of time for something that shouldn’t be regulated in the first place.

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Oh, I will forget about it pretty soon because I’ll be starting a new job and plus I have a 15 month old son that’s keeping me on my toes!

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