Silencer purchase...ATF...WTF!

I “recently”…purchased a silencer (Feb 2021…ugh!)

Here it is a YEAR later…all I can think is WTF ATF!

A little background on ME…

I work for a Major airline in aircraft maintenance

My background has been looked at more than a close touchdown replay video!

I am subjected to RANDOME drug and alcohol testing.

I have the GBI, FBI, local and federal law enforcement looking at “my background” constantly, because of my line of work

BUT…the ATF…WTF!!! Over a year now!!!

Anyone else have a sad story…lol



When I asked what the cost and time looked like for a suppressor, provided you even had something it could be used on, the cost started at 500.00 for a middle of the road model, and the wait would be AT LEAST a year. I’m told it’s been that way for quite some time now.


I am in the same boat but, I have to wait till after May! Already knew it was going to be a waiting game.

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Same here. FAA much of my career, numerous state and fed background checks, going through same timeframe as Todd30 most likely. Just glad I ordered 2 when I did, though iirc (it’s been awhile) I spent about $2300 incl. TAX.
My son, top secret clearance, USMC to NSA to private contractor career…same effin’ thing.
All the states around me don’t allow suppressors😏


Welcome to the family brother @Joe141 , glad you could join us.

Nothing you can do but wait. It’s processing time, not people out knocking on doors investigating your background time.

I paid for one in March…obviously I don’t have it yet either lol :frowning:

Longest I’ve had to wait so far


Welcome to the community.
That’s a bummer but what can you do?

I guess a pillow and a bunch of duct tape.


I feel your pain! I also purchased one in February 2021, Tax Stamp check was cashed in March 2021, still waiting as well. I keep telling myself it should be any day now but I think the best bet is to just try to forget about it till it finally happens. I am hearing pretty good things about quick turn around times now with eForms. I am hoping to purchase another one soon and at this rate I am beginning to think it’s possible I might get it before I get the one from last year. I will come back and comment here when I finally get mine!

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But now the AFT(ATF) will make that a 90day turnaround on your form4 if you use their new Efile. I’m dubious since the backlog of stamps is staggering I’d guess. I have 3 currently in jail for about a year now.


Friends and I have been discussing that point too! One friend has 12 silencers on order. He is looking forward to getting them but, he is quite curious about how long it will take/ How many times will they have to do a background check?


I recently moved from California, (how embarrassing), to Arkansas. One of the biggest reasons is the gun laws. 8n California you cant even buy a suppressor! I couldnt even buy a Henry Mares Leg 44!! It took me 27 years to convince my whole family to move!!! The day i earned my residency i bough5 the Mares Leg. My husband ordered me a suppressor for Christmas. Boy am 8 glad he did it and note. What a massive am9unt of rigamorole**** it will be interesting to see how long it takes. Im making a bucket list and categorizing it in order of necessity. I fear the direction this country is going, we are going to have fewer gun related items available at a more tapid rate then usual, yikes! Biden says hes going after the manufacturers now, swell.


Isn’t nice to have your freedom back? Be safe and have fun!

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Yes! I just pray we can stand up and make it last.


Make your own and submit the stamp, the wait is way less.