Anyone looking for a can…. The Fatman

I think I’m putting one of these on my 9mm AR pistol. Just tried it on a full auto HK MP5 and it’s awesome!!! Barely add any length to the gun.


Looks nice! If only it wasn’t such a hassle to get one…


It’s time consuming but not a hassle anymore. You can do the whole thing online, pay $200 and then sit and wait.


This is true. It’s still a hassle to own, though. Lots more red tape as an owner than a title 1 firearm.

At this point in time you also have to wonder if that pistol is going to continue to be a pistol or if it’s about to be an SBR. At that point I suppose you might as well just spend the $400 and get tax stamps for both since the SBR is a tad more hassle to own than the silencer and they are generally attached anyway


Already own an SBR and outside of paperwork it’s not much of a challenge. I’m about to decide if I’m going to SBR this particular pistol so I’ll probably do the paperwork for both together.

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