Looking to buy a suppressor for the first time

Hey im looking to buy a suppressor for the first time for my 9mm cz scorpion evo 3. Anyone have any suggestions or advice?


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Rinning a suppressor is much more than just screwing on a can and suddenly everything is quieter. Tax stamp. Different ammo. Cleaning. Cost. Holster. Etc. Learn all you can in order to make an informed purchase.


Wolfman | Dead Air Silencers

my recommendation for a dedicated 9mm subgun can. there are plenty of other excellent options out there as well, I just like dead air’s products :man_shrugging:

i just hope they sort the QC issue KGmade has had with the first run of sierra 5s


this YT channel is very informative on suppressors and other NFA items:


Looking forward to the advice you get as I’m also interested in a supressor. One the issues that deters me is whether you must get prior permission from the ATF before traveling between states with such an item.


no paperwork required for supressors so long as state of origin and state of destination are both legal. SBRs, SBSs, and MGs require you to file a 5320.20 with ATF and it be approved before traveling.

Application to Transport Interstate or to Temporarily Export Certain NFA Firearms (ATF Form 5320.20) | Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives


Silencer = carbon = lots of cleaning.
Just a note, use your silencer once to experience it then only use it when you need it. Do not need to use it at the range training, it just makes more work for you when you go to clean it. Clean it meaning all the carbon it holds back when shooting it. Figure it as a specialty tool that you want to use when you have to unless you do not mind the cleaning part.
Do not get me wrong, a silencer is a very nice thing to have, and I wish more people would get as many as they can. (pun)

Top 5 Best 9mm Suppressors (silencershop.com)


meh, I run pretty much everything suppressed all the time these days. a lot of FA rated cans are welded, they aren’t even serviceable. most have a round count lifespan far exceeding a single rifle, especially something like a RC2. i have a Dead air Sandman S that gets moved around between 4 different rifles on a regular basis. its probably 5k+ rounds mixed 556 and 308 at this point.

Rimfire cans are a whole different beast and because rimfire is so horribly nasty youll be cleaning everything regularly. i will say a sonic cleaner for your baffles will save you a lot of effort scraping in the long run


Research, read and read more.
I found that Silencer Central has a ton of information on their website. I went with them and ordered my first can (Bannish 30) on 01/12/2022 using their free trust (and e-Filed). This can spent 230 days in ATF jail. I ordered another (Bannish 223) on 05/03/2022 and it spent 290 days in ATF jail. I went with the Bannish line for a few reasons:

  • Lightweight Titanium
  • Caliber Range: Bannish 30: .17 to .300 Weatherby…Bannish 223: Rifles .224 and smaller
  • Can be 9" with 8 baffles or 7" with 6 baffles
  • Completely user-serviceable

My experience with Silencer Central has been positive. I really like the fact that you can make 4 equal payments (no interest) while your can is in jail. Kinda helps ease the pain of spending that much money. This won’t be my last purchase from Silencer Central. I’ll say the second purchase went smoother than the first because they keep your fingerprints on file for future purchases. They also maintain and update your trust as things change.

Only you can decide what’s best for you. Read as much as you can so you can make the best decision for yourself.


only thing I will warn about titanium suppressors is not all titanium is the same, and less reputable manufacturers have been known to use low grade alloys which after repeated high temp heat cycles can cause brittleness issues. you shouldn’t run a suppressor cover on titanium cans because they trap heat in the can and can exacerbate this issue as well. they are fantastic options for low round count bolt guns though. i have no hands on with the bannish line of cans, so dont think im talking about them specifically, just a warning about titanium cans in general


I just brought mine a few months ago from Silencer Shop. Very good experience on their end, now waiting for ATF approval. If the process scares you, get on Silencer Shop’s website and see where one of their dealers is. They can pretty easily walk you through the process. Make sure you stay on top of the process until everything is submitted to the ATF. Shouldn’t be more than 2 weeks until you’re ready for that. Then, it’s just a waiting game.

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