Suppressor help

I’m trying to find a suppressor that is compatible with my air 15 rifle and my springfeld XDM elite.

I am aware of the process when it comes to the tax stamp And the wait.

I’m totally unaware when it comes to brands and models of suppressors.


Rifles and pistols use different suppressors, is the shrot answer.

You’ll probably want to pick which one you want the suppressor for the most and shop that one first.

Personally I recommend the rifle suppressor first. It is much more practical and convenient to have a suppressor on the front of a rifle than it is a pistol, especially when it comes to using a sling vs using a holster.

If all you want it for is fun at the range where you set the gun on a bench or table after use to cool before taking it off, disregard the above.

I would start your search at comparing Dead Air to Surefire. Or maybe YHM. Or SilencerCo.

And there are others that are good too.

Also a good place to start

My favorite, though I only have experience with a couple, is my Surefire SOCOM 556 RC2. I have it on an 11.5".

General rule of thumb: AR15 in 5.56 with a barrel under 12.5" use a full size suppressor. Barrel over 12.5" use a mini. So like a Surefire SOCOM 5.56 MINI2 for example if it’s a 16"


I’m getting my first suppressor soon myself, @Roberto!

Few questions that I have to best help you. What caliber is your AR-15, what length is the barrel, and what is your budget?


I have a Eagle Arms Ar15 16" 5.56/.223

My budget is roughly $500


Awesome! I’m in the same boat, especially with the budget. Remember that there will be an additional $200 tax stamp.

From my research, I’ve decided to go with the Yankee Hill Resonator K. You can get it for 5.56 or you can get a .30 cal suppressor. It’s right at that $500 mark and I believe it to be the best bang for your buck. A lot of people who I know that have multiple suppressors say that Yankee hill is like the Holosun of Suppressors. They are of great quality but more affordable than some of the others.

I’m going with the .30 cal because then I will be able to swap it onto a 300 blackout, which I am planning on building this year. May be worth considering if you think you’d ever get a .30 cal firearm that you would want to suppress.

Here is the link to it on Silencer Shop: YHM Resonator K - Silencer Shop


I highly recommend purchasing your first suppressor through SilencerShop as well! I know the process seems incredibly overwhelming and intimidating but with silencer shop they really do make it extremely simple! I also got a Resonator K last February, unfortunately I am still waiting for my tax stamp but hopefully it will be any day now. Also now is a great time to get one since eForms are now live so in theory the process should be a lot faster! I am looking at getting a Deadair Sandman S soon as well!


How long have you been waiting?

I have one that’s been in jail since March


I bought my suppressor at the end of February last year and they cashed the check for the tax stamp in March so I am at about 10-11 months of waiting at this point unfortunately! From what most folks are saying with wait times it seems like we should both be getting the call any day now hopefully!