Recommendations for a Suppressor

Looking to purchase my first suppressor, hopefully in the next few months. Looking at a rifle suppressor at this point, hopefully a handgun one later. Does anyone have any recommendations for a suppressor that will fit both a 5.56 and .308 rifle?

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Provided you dont have a price limit.



And get caliber specific. Using a longer larger heavier less quiet .30 on a 5.56 isn’t so great.

My opinion/experience/recommendation

Also 5.56 is loud, full stop. I recommend shorter and lighter. It really knocks the concussion down but handles decently especially on a pinned 13.9-14.5"

Durability, reliability, longevity, solid attachment/mounts, etc.

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I’ve got the banish 30 and 223. You can use the 30 on a 5.56 with an available adapter, and I have done that and quite pleased with the results. These cans are all titanium and quite light. Happy with the noise reduction. I had to re-tap the 30 to get it to fit my .308 RPR, and was not pleased with the lack of follow up from Silencer Central, though I’ll admit I explained that I’d fix their screw up myself. If I had messed up it would have been $1k plus $200/stamp and a 14 month wait wasted. Sales response was " we’ll have our gunsmith get back to you" which never happened.My tap removed a fair amount of material, but now the can works great.I recently dissembled them to clean, and it was very straightforward. Cans spoiled me.

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My first can was freed from jail recently. I went with the Deadair Sandman S. I wanted the ability to suppress 5.56 and I was fairly certain at the time I’d get 300 blackout for home defense. The 5.56 is still loud on my 13.7" shooting slow is semi-tolerable without ear pro if I had to shoot that way. Though it has got me thinking about a dedicated 5.56 can and probably something shorter for the longer rifle.

For 5.56 I’d say the sound suppression is a good factor but also the flash suppression and how the back-pressure is managed are considerations as well, with the last two being perhaps more important because you can’t suppress 5.56 all that much anyway.

This is my opinion. I own multiple suppressors in .30 and 5.56, full size and short, on barrels from 11.5-13.9-16 inches. You can’t make 5.56 quiet or hearing safe regardless, but even a short light suppressor makes a tremendous difference in the concussion/pressure wave/blast/flash