Are You Into Big Cans?

I’m a new convert to big cans :wink: Just picked up my SilencerCo Hybrid-46 this week and it is a big can! Today was the day I got to run it at the range. Started out with the Glock-17 and then moved to my AR. The suppressor is 7.8" long and 1.57" in diameter. It is longer than the Glock and a smidge higher than the sights. By keeping both eyes open it was easy to stay on target. No muzzle jump! Moved to the AR and it sounded like a .22LR without the crack. Going to need to re-zero at 100 yds. but already have my next shooting date scheduled.

Big Can

What are you pros and cons to big cans?


Everybody is getting a can but me… :worried:

Personally, no experience with them.


@John512 One thing I can vouch, they are not movie quiet. I was not shooting subsonic rounds. Hearing safe? Yes I did have my headset on because of range requirement but at the shooter’s end it was around 130 dB with 5.56 launching at over 2800 fps.


I am a big fan of cams, big and small. Have four and one in process. And yes, they are not “movie quiet” but the .22 or one gets pretty close. That even goes for my .300 blackout shooting subs.

Well, tell you what. You like big cans? I am about four months into the wait for my Barrett QDL. Yup, can for my 50 BMG. By all reports it will bring the sound level more in line with a magnum high powered rifle and help take the massive muzzle blast that when you shoot can feel in your eyes and nose. Just trying to be a better neighbor at the gun club. Obviously still waiting on the approval but if my prior stamps are any indication, I have about 7-8 months left to wait. In the meantime, here is a picture to show you what I mean by big cans. One is a .30 cal device for my Rugged Surge next to the muzzle device for the QDL.


What is a good source for process informationto get permit for this?
I was told there are several different paths, was told using a trust was a good way to go, but don’t remember all the details.
Would like to add a “silencer” to my AR15 pistol ( for home defense) to reduce flash and loud blast of the short barreled 5.56

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@RustyBucket_TX You are in luck! Texas has several great stores that are high volume sales on suppressors:

Both can help guide you through the process. You also might want to check out:

That should get you started. I went down the first of the year and purchased my first silencer from my local gun store. I had to give them two passport photos and they took my fingerprints, filled out the paperwork along with a check for $200.00 for the NFA tax stamp. It took six months to get my tax stamp approved by the BATF. Once receiving my tax stamp I took possession of my “big” can :slight_smile:

Well let’s put it this way. I WANT to be.

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Thanks Jeff
Going to dig in , do some research and move on this, will definitely make the build better for home defense in the event of An indoor, especially night event.

Russ B

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Guess I better re-check on Laws regarding LOP and OAL for Legal AR pistol, from what I read for it is measurement from face of trigger to fully extended pistol brace; but for OAL from muzzle to collapsed pistol brace, “with muzzle device removed?” My LOP is just short of 13.25 “ which is legal, and present OAL is 24.25” WITH my flare hider included now.
Hope it will be with the can removed for OAL measurement.

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@RustyBucket_TX Are Texas firearms laws that goofy?

Did learn a valuable lesson today. Like saying “Freedom isn’t free”. Cleanup isn’t fun. From muzzle brakes to chambers, BCG and a real dirty upper receiver. I did scrub the ASR adaptors and piston assembly. The Glock wasn’t to bad but it got some TLC.

Those are federal regulations
Search USCCA for part 1 & 2 of keeping your AR pistol legal, also no butt stocks, no forward grip ( vertical or horizontal) , no part of the build can be from previous rifle build or it becomes an SBR (short barreled rifle ) which requires a different license…Even questions on whether you fire with butt against shoulder , does it now qualify, become designated as an sbr…
There are other sites with additional information

Russ Brown

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Yea, that is the downside. That backpressure pushes a lot of carbon back into the BCG especially.

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Does anyone have a suggestion on keeping all the parts and pieces organized?

Figured it out. LAPG was giving away free pistol cases:

Finally got back to the range today and zeroed at 100 yds. My rifle was quieter that the two .22LRs being run on the range. Was tapping the 200 yd. gong 8 for 9 at the end of the session.

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Guess I misunderstood the jest of the topic : ) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Everybody is getting a can but me. :disappointed:

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@John512 I apologize for the deceptive advertising. Never to late to purchase a suppressor.

@RustyBucket_TX Didn’t know the AR pistol laws were that complicated.