Illegal homemade suppressor?

Is it truly illegal to make your own suppressor(s)?


As always it depends.
You can make it… but check the ATF website and you local Laws if you will be able to register it in your State.

If you cannot register it, I’d then consider making it illegal.


It depends.

For whom? Where? When? What legal processes are they following to get a stamp from the NFA branch of the ATF?


If I have to ask the ATF anything, I am just going to assume it’s illegal and save myself a phone call


Even I like jokes… I think @Jepp’s question was really serious…
Actually if you want to make suppressor, ATF is the first place to check what to do. You don’t need to call, their website is place to start. You don’t receive the proper form over the phone… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I like jokes to @Jerzy

Do you see any type of emoji or anything to indicate that I wasn’t serious.

The ATF has arrested, prosecuted, and imprisoned, an honorably serving Military Service Member solely based on what he might have done using knowledge from his service.

So I will restate what I said. If. I. Have. To. Call. The. ATF. For. Anything. I. Will. Assume. It. Is. Illegal. And. Save. Myself. A. Call.

Emphasis on the I as in me.



The current climate would prohibit me from making a suppressor. I would not even think about it. I don’t think I would make one if the climate were more favorable. I would think the risk of loosing my freedom would far surpass anything I would gain from making a suppressor.

I am not saying that is right, but simply what is real.


I could assume it’s as legal as illegally crossing the border, just need to find a sanctuary suppressor state! Perhaps Martha’s Vineyard? New York or San Francisco?


I’m actually about to get all the footwork and form 1 done for the homemade I want to make :upside_down_face:


Whatever you do, I would definitely recommend submitting and receiving an approved form 1 before starting your build.


When calling the ATF always preface your question: “Asking for a friend.”


It was always legal to make a silencer on federal level. You need to check can you own it were you are located.
It is considered NFA item, so you need to fill Form 1 with ATF and pay $200 for a stamp.

That being said, ATF was denying all silencers Form 1 at the beginning of this year, I don’t know if that was resolved.

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Hello and welcome @Yuriy1

Answer is yes unless you have a stamp. Our whole policy on suppressors is goofy. They are nothing more than a muffler. In Europe it’s sometimes tough to buy a handgun, but suppressors are right there, sometimes even included in purchase. Here you need to jump through the same hoops as for a class three firearm. I’ve fired pieces that were suppressed. Was not terribly impressed (.22 was pretty quiet), but anything supersonic still has a nice “crack” to it. Never seen anything like the “silencers” in the movies where a dude fires a Revolver with a silencer and it makes a soft “phft”:smirk: