Short Barrel Rifle and or Suppressor for home defense?

Thinking of putting my suppressed SBR next to the bed for bumps in the night (both registered to me on individual form 4’s, not in a trust). What if my wife defends the castle with it while I’m out of town? What are the legal ramifications?

Thanks for your input.

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@Jonathan117 - welcome to the community.

It will help to know where you are. Laws vary widely from state to state. Have you researched the laws in your state?


Sorry, New Hampshire

The state is not relevant, the ATF regulations are federal. No one that is not registered by the ATF for an NFA item can have use of that item without the registered owner being present. If you leave, no one in your household can legally touch that NFA item.


Don’t do it. Not worth it. Buy her a non-NFA M-4gery or AR pistol or something. Keep that out for HD and tuck your NFA controlled suppressed SBR in the safe where it belongs. Just think: The cost of the regulatory crap for that SBR and suppressor cost you almost as much as an AR pistol. You could have probably bought 3 AR pistols for a similar amount of money you have tied up in 1 suppressed SBR. And you could loan them to whomever you wanted to (in most states).


Jonathan, Welcome to the community.
Now to your question. Brother, there is a lot of responsibility that comes with class 3 weapons.
If you own class 3 weapons, PLEASE tell me you’ve read the laws surrounding them.
The legal rammifications are so clearly spelled out as to lack any ambiguity whatsoever.
I highly encourage you to study, MEMORIZE the laws surrounding the ownership, use, transportation, and transfer of these before you end up being an example of what not to do.
I urge you to read the laws and understand the penalties. I ask you to consider the current political climate we’re in. I would also ask you to consider the likelihood of you EVER seeing those NFA items again if they were used in a self defense scenario and then impounded as evidence.
So, simply put—really really bad idea and illegal.
Not trying to disrespect you or beat you down, but you owe it to your investment and the sport to fully understand the laws surrounding those items.


No suppression… loud boom is very intimidating to other targets that may be out of sight at the moment.