Superzilla - Just Another CLP?

I’ve begun to see ads for this non-toxic product - to me, it just looks like another all-purpose clp with a “catchy” name, like Grizzly Lube. Anybody want to add to this?

I think one Godzilla is enough…
I actually got Grizzly Lube CLP. It smells fantastic, almost ready to eat after cleaning session. :laughing:

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They actually have another product for guns - Gunzilla

Seems like they don’t recommend Superzilla for guns. Not verified by me, but found reference here:

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Grizzly Lube / Bear Butter… I’ll stick to beef, thanks. :wink:


It turned to be completely not related to firearms. It’s not CLP… it’s penetrating oil, like WD40, which cannot be named CLP as well.

I don’t think I have ever seen a manufacturer say their product is compatible with that of a competitor. Not so much science as marketing. Putting aside damage to your firearm, when you start blending solvents and other hydrocarbon-based chemicals toxic fumes are a very real possibility.