Student makes hit list

The school has “issued significant consequences” to the student, according to the email sent to parents.

Shorewood is a northern Milwaukee suburb.

The district is closed today due to a tip that other students were involved in making the hit list: Shorewood Schools Closed - Wednesday, November 13 | Shorewood School District

This is the second time we’ve heard about a student “hit list” being made. The other story in the Community about the hit list Kansas Schoolgirl Arrested, Charged with Felony for Brandishing Finger Gun resulted in a felony charge. I’ll be interested to see what happens in this case.

We never had gun scares in school growing up, but there were three consecutive days of bomb threats when I was in high school.

Did you ever have gun or bomb scares in your schools growing up?


I’m not happy about Kansas Schoolgirl judgment, but making “hit list” should result in a felony charge.
However we don’t know all the facts yet, perhaps that was a “Christmas Gits list”?

Regarding @Dawn’s question… guns and bombs were present on TV only during my school time :slightly_smiling_face:


We all carried buck knives to school and no one thought a thing. I remember making a folded steel Bowie out of a torsion bar and using deer antler to make the handle. Gave it to my teacher for teaching me so much in shop. Where I learned to weld. Some of the older students drove to school with hunting rifle or shotgun in rack in back window of truck. Was never a big deal.


Yes, I was in 4th grade when a student brought a loaded pistol to school in his backpack. After he showed his friend he got the teacher.

We never saw that young man again.

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I grew up in Wauwatosa, WI (not that far from Shorewood). Never had a bomb scare or a gun scare. Then again, I graduated in 1975.


Wow! Care to share what year that was, @Randall?

I used to live in Tosa - in the 90’s :wink:


I had to think about it for a sec…

But, I remembered to be in the Third grade when my grandmother informed me after school of the events of that day of Sept 11th 2001

So it was forsure 2002 or 2003. when I was in 4th


Same year I did, and no bomb scares or gun scares either. Did have some trucks with long guns in the rear window rifle racks in the high school parking lot though.

And I remember walking home from school as a group for nuclear attack drills in grade school… :woman_shrugging:


I graduated in 1974. No bomb scares except for the Atomic Bomb drills where we crawled under the desks and wrapped our arms over our heads. (Like that was going to help!)

I also remember the tornado drills, during which we formed a single file and marched down into the Civil Defense tunnels under the school. And then there were the fire drills in which, for some unknown reason, we formed up in double file and walked calmly to the nearest exit.

I don’t remember ever having a gun scare at school, or anywhere else for that matter. Guns weren’t generally a “thing” where I grew up. Oh, most of us boys had the obligatory cowboy cap pistols, a BB gun at one time or another, and many of us also had a small pocket knife. Most of the Dads were veterans of WWII or the Korean Conflict and a few had “souvenirs” hidden away. We boys would whisper about them in awed and reverent tones but we rarely, if ever, saw them and never actually handled them. Some of the Dads had hunting rifles hidden away on a high closet shelf in a zippered case, to be seen only briefly when they loaded the station wagon to head “up north” for deer season.

Guns, real working firearms, were not an everyday thing. Sure, the police had them holstered on their belts , but that was about it. Tough guys carried knives; the real bad-asses carried switch blades. I really did grow up in an “Ozzie and Harriet” kind of suburb as far as guns were concerned. That all changed when my wife and I bought a house in NW Detroit, but that’s a different story.

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Same here, except for making a knife. There was a student smoking area as well at my school. Graduated in 1985. No threats that I remember.


I never had anything like that at school. I used to keep my 30-06 Mauser in a rack in the rear window of Dad’s '48 Chevy pickup for deer hunting, but it stayed there during school hours. I never saw a gun inside the school building. I graduated in 1970.


We went to school together at the same time in different places. (I am also from the class of 75 but a little over 100 miles north northwest of you).

Just on a side note (knowing there are more than one school in Wauwatosa) there was a pretty good girls volley ball team from one of them. There coach was my running buddies Aunt. She use to bring some of the team members up north to their lake cottage for the weekend.

I dated one of them for a very short time her name was Sandy Cagle (she had her 30 days of fame a few years later).


@DBrogue - if one of the Wauwatosa high schools had a sports team of any note, it was East. Bigger school, completely different neighborhood from West.

I graduated from West, though the name Sandy Cagle rings a faint bell. 1975 was a long time ago…

100 miles NNW of Tosa - Wausau?


I grew up in Berlin (30 miles west of Oshkosh).


@DBrogue grew up in the same city my mom did (different times). I lived in Tosa in the 90s. Graduated from Pewaukee (no comment as to what year) and we had bomb threats in high school. :confused:

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Yeah, same here…

It didn’t start until high school, but it was always a kid wanting school to be canceled.

It was never legit.
Although as a teen you are like “Heck Yes!”
Since your out of school but now looking back it’s sad.

Like, I said before, in the 4th grade I had a fellow classmate bring a loaded handgun to school.


Back several decades ago, yes, bomb threats at one point were not unusual, especially as it got warmer. Never was anything to them, just get out of school early or fear of a big test, is what we all suspected.

The antis make such a fuss over the kids having active shooter drills in recent years. They seem to forget that we used to have air raid drills and nuclear bomb drills - hide under desk, or sometimes go out into the hallway and crouch, covering your head with your hands. LOL

We had bomb scares all the time, especially when we had tests coming up.

That was pre-Columbine, though.

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We had 5 bomb threats my senior year of high school (no I will not admit how long ago that was). We got out of school each time. It was right around exam time, didn’t help anyone get better grades that’s for sure. :confused:

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I remember those, it was back around the time President Kennedy had us on the brink of nuclear war with Russia.

Most people had no clue how close we were at the time.

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