Student suspended for going shooting with his mom

What are your thoughts about this situation? Would your school district do the same?


.I am really not sure, I have never heard about it never read about it I mean it could happen but I’ve never heard about it here where I live. My first thoughts homeschooling when this came out years ago I was against it but as time goes on I am more and more for it all the time. I think I’ve heard of it once before there’s a YouTube channel his name is Kotaboy i’m not exactly sure of the spelling but I think I remember hearing about it on his channel it could be Cotaboy!? This is what liberals want they want government from cradle to grave this is right out of the Sol Alinsky playbook. Very sad state of affairs. Let me not give an opinion about this because in my opinion on every level this is just plain wrong.


I’d rather teach my kids about firearm safety and how to shoot. This is what happens when the government and educational system tries to tell us what we can teach our kids.


School is way out of bounds on this.

Nothing illegal or threatening in anyway.

This is why my kids go to private school. Things are handled on a personal level not some side show passive garbage that this school did.

Tax payers lose all the way around on this too. The tax payers pay for the school and if you sue them they pay that too.


Result of an overreaching government. Schools are the number one battleground of conservatism vs socialism and unfortunately conservatism is losing.


I think the school has given them no choice but to lawyer up and take the school to court.


don’t get it… What school has to after school activities? Especially where they are not illegal…
However it’s a stupid to post such things on social media being a school student.


I was glad the story called it “swatting” because that’s what it pretty much was. Some anti-freedom student, with a beef against this kid turned him in. I hope the mom lawyers up, and sues the pants off them.


Wow! Outrageous! This is the danger of Red Flag laws that are being suggested and passed across the country.


IMO, this reminds me of the dangers of red flag laws. Someone is accused and treated as guilty without any sort of due process.

I understand the school has to investigate, but give the student his work to do at home until the investigation is over. Caution without overreacting.

The mom did right by her child teaching them how to use a firearm safely and responsibly.


It would be interesting to learn how the “threat” was established by the person making the complaint. Was it some snowflake that was just freaked out that someone in the school SHOOTS GUNS! Or was a threat actually fabricated? If the latter, there needs to be a large and LOUD law suit and that individual needs to be jailed as a threat to the school. If nothing is done this will snow ball across the country. Welcome to Red Flag with no repercussions.




I think I’ve seen two or three news stories in the past week where someone has been taken before they could be a danger to others. The point is, factual threat or not, the news readers toss this factoid out regularly The ‘threat person’ had many guns (ah, folks, look into your own safes here and think THAT Number) and a thousand or a couple thousand rounds of ammunition.

The part I’m focused on is this. When I’m buying ammo for a target gun or for range practice it ONLY MAKES SENSE to buy in bulk. Especially if it’s target grade and may be used for match. Right now, the effort to convince the masses is focused on something they don’t understand because it is not something they have a mental equivalent for.

Another thing, the people on the borders, the folks who have been among us; remember the story (pph.) they came for those who were different from us, and we didn’t say anything, because they were not us. Then they came for those who were like us but who worshiped differently, and we didn’t say anything, because they were not us. Then they came for us, and there was no one to speak up for us…

Sometimes the signs of the times are subtle, sometimes it seems glaringly obvious but we choose not to see. I hope I am wrong.


And that’s why I never post anything on social media! Well, except for here, but everyone here is ok, right?


I also have no social media accounts. I just don’t think it’s a good idea. In my own opinion I think they’re dangerous.


@Dawn Red Flag laws were right in my head…

This is outrageous! I don’t think the kid did the smartest thing showing the first video, shows a bunch of guns, but geeze… What happened to free speech? Did the kid have a hit list, or anything? Nope, just shooting, legally with his Mom…

This is exit one on the road to “common sense gun safety laws”. Because it is not about safety, and not common sense, and violates several Constitutional rights.


This shows the abuses that will occur if Red Flag laws dont have adequate due process protection.


If it wasn’t for my owning a small business that uses social media as a marketing tool, I wouldn’t be on them.,.


Just going with :scream: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Here in Missouri we have neighbors who fled Colorado for just this sort of reason. I was raised in Colorado, more than 20 years of living there, and I was shocked when they told me why they moved. I asked what happened to change things… they said “California moved here”… Californians bringing their ideas and changing the laws and policies.

I hope either 1) they make an apology and clear the kid’s records, or 2) she sues their delicate flower butts off, and gets an injunction to go after the report maker.


He did not get suspended for shooting with his mom.
He got suspended stupidly broadcasting to the world his personal life!
What is the school supposed to do?
Is this kid like many others that are in the news and no one did anything?
Or is this kid arrogantly displaying his personal macho manhood?
Is this kid a wimp that is bullied and wants the others to know that he knows how to defend himself?


Change California to Massachusetts and you’re talking about New Hampshire.

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