School shooting in Michigan

Three students are deceased and a teacher injured.
Fifteen year old under arrest. Fifteen year old gave up to school officers with no resistance and asked for an attorney right away.
The biggest question I have is where did the semi auto handgun come from and how did he get it?
This is new on the news so I have no more info right now.


As this is a fresh thing that just happened with not a lot of details coming out, I’m going to sit by and not speculate on anything just yet. Let’s get some deets first.


Watch the liberals start to chant “Ban AR-15s” and “high capacity” magazines.


I hate stories like these. Especially when bad actors use these tragedies and deaths to push their tyrannical agendas. Quick opinion is, give everyone a gun and nobody will feel safe shooting anyone else. If you look at statistics, a high percentage of these school and mass shootings occurs in highly regulated states. Obviously not all but most.


Just the break Alec Baldwin badly needs.


News story and video on the Michigan shooting.
3 killed, 8 injured in shooting at Oxford High School in suburban Detroit.

They could consider banning bad parents first. Then AR-14s. Then catch some bad guys. If they have any energy when they’re done…in a few decades…


Yet another school shooting tragedy. School systems may just have to invest in installing metal detectors, TSA style like at the Airports, at the entrances.

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Very similar to Parkland.

Robin Redding said her son, Treshan Bryant, is a 12th grader at the school but stayed home on Tuesday. She said he had heard threats of a shooting at the school.

“This couldn’t be just random,” she said.

Redding didn’t provide specifics about what her son had heard, but she expressed concern with school safety in general.

“Kids just, like they’re just mad at each other at this school,” she said.

Bryant said he texted several younger cousins in the morning and they said they didn’t want to go to school, and he got a bad feeling. He asked his mom if he could do his assignments online.

Bryant said he had heard vague threats “for a long time now” about plans for a shooting at the school.

“You’re not supposed to play about that,” he said of the threats. “This is real life.”

School administrators posted two letters to parents on the school’s website this month, saying they were responding to rumors of a threat against the school following a bizarre vandalism incident.

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I’m getting really really tired of hearing about children taking guns to school and shooting the place up.


There’s that term again “gun violence”. Like the gun snuck into the school and shot those students. :roll_eyes:


A day before this occurred Fox News here in Florida ran a story about Panic app for teachers cell phones, also Panic Buttons.
These procedures were suppose to be in place by August 2021. Only 2 to 5 percent of teachers in each school did connect to this system. Others had personal issues with this. One issue was being tracked by this system, ( loss of privacy).
I don’t take a side on this but this shows it’s hard to get everyone to follow plans set, even when it comes to children’s safety.


I prefer getting rid of target-rich areas, aka GFZs.


Nearly everything I read is an attempt to address symptoms and not root cause. 2A folks better get on that before the left does. We won’t like their solutions.


Not sure how 2A people can peer through the initial fog. For the Left, smearing people and making baseless statements has never been a problem, of course they will have the 1st word.

At this point news only tell us

  • there was some kind of advanced warning, word of mouth, social media perhaps, and a number of kids decided to skip school
  • this is not a typical psycho kid, he was smart to invoke the 5th and parents lawyered him up.

I don’t believe for a moment that those two things can’t both be true. If the parents were in on it, there’ll be hell to pay, and maybe it’ll drag parents who leave these firearms for their kids into the equation.

I can’t remember even considering that someone would do harm in a school, church, or hospital when I was growing up. Just sickening to hear seemingly daily.


This is a horrible tragedy and my heart goes out to the families of the victims.

That being said, this interview series is invaluable in understanding what the only solution to these events is:

Spoiler alert: The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. The best reduction in fatalities from active shooters is a having good guys with guns on site already when the shooting starts.


Also on Fox this morning, said his father purchased the firearm he used about a week ago.


Most Apps extract information from your phone. I use very few for that reason. If the school wants an App on the employee’s phone, they should guarantee a clean App. This is a situation where a person initiates a transmission as needed and there is no more to the App.

No, you can’t track me, No you can’t send back how much I use my phone, No, you can’t …

Let me have my gun to protect my students.


What the heck are kids so angry about (climate change?) that leads them to shooting? If it’s over a girl, everyone needs to be taught respect!
When I went to school you met up at the back of the school yard, kicked each other’s ass, went home tail tucked applied frozen steak, repeated next week, but we never thought about shooting anyone! Next week we brought chains and crowbars. Cops showed up we all ran with tails tucked. By the next week all was forgotten.
Today I think the reminders come via social media so the fights and animosity continue through to adulthood! Ban/defund cell phone usage and all social media for kids under 30 at the very least 21!