School Students Will Use Anything as a Weapon to Defend Themselves

There was a school shooting this morning in Santa Clarita, California. Our hearts and prayers go out to all who were affected.

The class sat in silence and had a fire extinguisher they were prepared to use as a weapon if anyone came into the classroom. They didn’t hear any shots.

I’m proud of the students who had the wherewithal to try and arm themselves against the attacker. I don’t know if they were taught that or came up with it on their own.

Do you teach your kids to see everyday items as possible self-defense weapons?


This is in my valley community, I heard many reports of kids knowing what to do while being interviewed. I’m glad they train and know what to do. Then we have others that are angry that it they have to train to prepare.

The SJW sheriff is speaking at the news conference trying to sell this in the same vein as columbine and parkland.

We found out the shooter posted on social media, if it’s who I think it is he may have been troubled in dealing with his fathers death 2 years ago.


There was almost a shooting in Roswell yesterday, apparently. They found social media posts, so they sent all the students home and the FBI got the suspect. I wish the same could be said about Santa Clarita.

I’ve had some friends who went to Israel, and they say that in Israel, the students train to grab anything around them that is sharp and everybody swarms the shooter. I remember that when I was in High School, we had one solitary lockdown drill, where we closed the doors, turned out the lights, and were quiet. I thought at the time that it was a singularly ineffective method of dealing with a shooter.


I, for one, am very happy they’re being trained. Not only will it help them in case the worst case happens at their school, but also it helps them when they get out in the real world and need to physically defend themselves.

People may get hurt swarming the shooter, but the shooter will have less time to hurt people.


I’ve asked my daughter, she confirmed it’s run for cover, barricade and turn off lights if unable to run.

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I think you’re right. ^^^

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This drives home a comment I heard a couple months back when an anti-gun advocate asked a 2A advocate “How many kids have to die before you put down your weapon” and the 2A advocate replied “How many children have to die before you pick up one?” So sad we cannot protect our most precious resources, our sons and daughter.


That’s terrible… :frowning: They don’t have any way to defend themselves. Don’t get me wrong, if they can run and get away from the shooter, I’m 1,000,000% for it. But turning off the lights doesn’t really give them any sort of defense.


I have a suspicion that we are dealing with another case of anti-depressant drug aftermath.


There are many things we could learn from the Israelis. They are a people I greatly admire and respect. From their Universal Service programs to their training of their citizens. To the way they handle security.

Of course the US could never do what they do. The perpetually offended and perpetually outraged and politically correct would have collective aneurysms and the hue and cry from those poor poor SJW’s would deafen and drown all of us with their tears.


I agree, the whole gun free zone is ridiculous. Especially at our schools with poor security. My kids are in college so that concerns me, and my grandkids are in preschool and in the back of my mind I’ve been preparing myself on going through the school years with them.

You never know what someone is going through, so these are my speculations and opinions from what I’m putting together.

I remember when I used to drop my youngest daughter off to Canyon High School I thought it was very a bad situation every street leading into school was bumper to bumper parking lot condition traffic jam as there is only one street to access the school.

There is no traffic control, and this community has a few “it’s all about me” mind set people, they cut in, make illegal maneuvers that block traffic, they sit there taking their sweet time blocking the traffic line, stop in the middle of the street to unload their lil “apples” from the tree again blocking traffic.

I’m thinking if something goes down Law/Fire can’t get in to respond as quick, wreck havoc and get away through the surrounding hillsides, river and wash run offs on foot because the Sheriffs are too busy pulling stings on ticketing drivers that are on the phone or texting, and making right hand turns if the undercover deputy isn’t completely out of the sidewalk on the other end of the crosswalk away from the schools at the high traffic zones in the center of the valley or near business and freeway access.

At the high school they would sometimes have a deputy at the front gate especially to keep road rage at bay if there was a recent tiff, or simply leave a parked black and white w/o a deputy as a visibility deterrent. Yet they would have teachers or other staff at the front gate on the north, parking lot gate on the east, and pedestrian gate on the west, that is the extent of the sad excuse of school security and where LASD puts their resources here in our community, and due to that I’ve talked to my children well before and within the last few years as I’ve seen the decline and feared it was only a matter of time for this community.

They sadly put out a false sense of security out here in the Santa Clarita Valley, they had a ridiculous marketing campaign calling this town Awesometown, they put out skewed reports of crime decreasing which is incorrect/inaccurate, briefly it was a scheme by the corrupt previous sheriff McDonnell to shift stats in his favor, the new sheriff SJW Villanueva is just as bad and is more of a politician who promotes sanctuary policies, is anti President Trump, etc., it took lots of community push to get the department to bring an airship back to patrol as we didn’t have an air unit for many years.

Back to this school, I’m very upset as it was 3 off duty officers who where at the scene first, one local deputy and 2 officers from other jurisdictions who had dropped their kids off at school and turned around when they saw the kids running from the school in panic. The supposed “resource deputy” assigned didn’t show up and respond until later.

If they’re going to have assigned resource officers they need to be onsite and be a high visibility presence in my opinion, and the one airship we have was out of service due to repairs that day so they had to pull in another from the Pasadena Police department 30 miles away. But our county supervisor Barger has an airship available to her to fly around the county because she doesn’t want to get caught in the horrible LA traffic, or has to make it to a ball and fundraiser later in the evenings.

Forgive me for my rant, I’m very upset at the risk of life from a state level to a local level going on currently. We just went through having our power cut off by the utilities companies to prevent fires, and 2 wildfires ran through out communities, this last one within a football field away from our home, we had an incident of someone shooting at the LASD in order to run past them at a road block, then we had looting going on the areas evacuated proving the resources here are completely lacking.

I’m frustrated as knowing these risks and the ridiculous laws here in CA and these gun free zones is putting our kids at risk, and the piece of work Governor Newsom, is using this as a political photo op to push his agenda, when there is a shooting outside of CA he’s tooting his horn about how CA is leading the nation in gun control and how the federal government needs to follow this example of making laws that take rights away and violate the constitution.

Yet when it happens in CA, as this did, he attacks the NRA, republicans, President, Senate, and Feds blaming them, for his failed policies, which not only involve gun control and criminalizing lawful citizens, he has CA resources pulling stings out of state looking for CA plated drivers at out of state gun shows and dealers vs going after known criminals like gangs, drug dealers, and convicted prohibited persons. Releasing convicted murderers of mostly had women and children as their victims after pardoning them, early release of illegal aliens with a criminal history and preventing them from being deported by the Feds, placing a moratorium on death penalty executions and dismantling the facility to carry out sentence in the gas chamber. He and his policies are a failure and has blood on his hands.

Every law on the books would not have stopped this, nor will any new law stop this from happening. Here’s my view, kid was troubled and dealing with the nasty divorce and death of his father 2 years ago. His mom and dad went through a bad divorce with a custody battle. Dad had issues with alcoholism and died at 55 because of it, others will say he was abusive as he was arrested for DV but the charges were dropped, i don’t know but it could have been a strategy to win custody as in CA if you’re convicted of being a spousal abuser you lose all child custody and have to pay higher support, he was an avid hunter with a gun collection and would hand load his ammunition. In CA if you’re convicted of DV along with other violent crimes, you lose your right to own a gun and ammunition whether it’s a felony or misdemeanor. This is very common, as this is a no fault state, so it’s very common in California for one party to claim either spousal or child abuse on the other party in order to sway custody.

This kid was a Boy Scout, on the track team, in AP courses and 16 I’m sure he was dealing with so many pressures in life, not an excuse I’m just sorting out my emotions as well. This kid had been around firearms his whole life so I’m guessing here but I’m thinking he either had access to these firearms freely, or he stole the .45 pistol from his fathers collection that was unaccounted for. I have other opinions but without knowing I’ll reserve them.

So here’s the laws that were broken, Murder, attempted murder, gun in a gun free zone, minor having access to a firearm and ammunition.

People are calling for gun control, it’s my opinion but I’m calling for parents that are going through a divorce to love their kids and not not pull them into a divorce, protect them from that, if the other parent is bad news then there will be a time to sort that out with them when they can understand.

It’s very emotional, saddening beyond all when an innocent child dies.


Isn’t that the truth “perpetually offended and perpetually outraged” words not to live by for sure.


Absolutely. I am so tired of political correctness.