Strange And Stranger

How many of you listen to radio? Coast To Coast is one program you might like - it started as Dreamland, hosted by Art Bell from his home in Pahrump, Nevada, and was later hosted by George Nouri. Another is Those Old Radio Shows, broadcast by CHML out of Canada. When TV is bad or you just don’t want to watch it, you do have a choice.


Unfortunately, any type of entertainment without captions is useless for me. So, radio is a non-starter.


I miss Paul Harvey. :+1:


Really liked art bell & paul harvey. My father liked to listen to ballgames on the radio even when watching them.


I remember CtoC from a long time ago. The only radio I listen to now, if I do at all, is XM, and only to music. Tossed the TV 10 years ago and have not looked back.


I miss " The Shadow" or the Mystery theater.

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You can listen all of them on YT. I tune into Paul Harvey now and again. :+1:

Anyone miss “Prairie Home Companion”?

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CtoC will knock me unconscious in less than the 10 minute sleep timer I set… If I’m up at midnight that is.
It is such an awesome brainless show,

Up to a few weeks or so back there was a show called Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis. It was not as good but would put me to sleep as well. I wonder why it went off the air?

TIP: with it’s “make you go to sleep factor” NEVER listen to CtoC while driving late at night.! :slight_smile:

Long ago, I used to listen to KSL (Salt Lake City), their AM station came up here to northern Montana decent. They used to put on the old shows, and Saturday nights was “The Creaking Door”. Loved it. Found out recently that was produced out of South Africa.

Several radio shows came out of Britain, too. James Stewart had one called The Six Shooter. Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall - and Frank Sinatra - had shows that lasted about a year, along with Orson Welles and Vincent Price.


I can’t listen to the news or talk radio any more, it makes my head explode… Maybe in 2024.

Anyway, instead I listen to this XM channel alot,148

Living out here in the high desert XM is the only thing I can listen to, channel 63 The Message,

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Art Bell used to keep me entertained on my overnight drives. It usually only made sense late at night, though. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


C to C now airs reruns of Bell’s classic shows - one night, they aired the pilot flying into Area 51 again. Mel’s Hole was another. On weekends now, Noory enlists substitute hosts.