A Funny Anecdote

Remember Buddy Rich, the fantastic drummer? Carson had him on as a guest several times, and he was known to have an acerbic personality and wit - there is a story out there that Dusty Springfield once slapped him for his comments to her while making a TV special. His music was really hard-edged jazz. One night, Carson asked him if he ever played dance music - Rich looked back at him and said, “If they wanna dance, let 'em listen to Welk!” One time in the hospital, he was asked if he had any allergies, and he said “Yes - country-western music!” FYI


I seem to suffer that affliction, too, though I do like blue grass.


My guess is that you’re a bit like me. I like good music. That’s hard to define, I know, but I don’t know how else to describe it. Most of the country music I hear today is just pop music with a fake Southern accent. Yes, there are some gems on the country and pop stations, but it’s not worth listening to 9 tracks of garbage to get that one good song. The good pop songs will still be around in 10 years, the rest will fade into obscurity. Same is true for country, rock, jazz, blues, etc.

There’s bad bluegrass and folk music, too, but it’s not a “pop” genre, so the better stuff tends to float to the top.

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What do you get playing a country song backwards?
My wife came back, my dog came back, and I got a job.

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