The ears have it!

I’m pro second amendment. I’m pro - your opinion counts and is respected! I’ve seen enough war, violence and death to last a lifetime or 3. How about some music? Send me line on your fav’s. If I haven’t heard them, I will check them out.

How about those songs seldom heard or even played on the radio? You know, the ones we have to look up. The long songs seldom ever heard in their entirety.

A few of my favorites are:
For the greater good of God. -Iron Maiden
Phantom of the Opera - Iron Maiden
Orion - Metallica
Hallowed be thy name. - Iron Maiden
One - Metallica
Ocean Gypsy - Blackmore’s Night
Schubert’s unfinished Symphony in B minor
Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven
Oh Fortuna - Karl Off
AAOOOOH! - Frank Zappa and the mothers of invention

How about cover songs?
Simon and Garfunkel vs Disturbed - The sound of silence
Bob Seager vs Metallica - Turn the Page

Music is something we all can enjoy in one form or another!

Tears Of the Dragon - Bruce Dickenson. To me, this song is powerful and moving on many emotional levels!


Laundry and firearm cleaning time:

  • Frederic Chopin - Nocturne op. 9 No. 2
  • Ludwig van Beethoven - Für Elise
  • Jan Sebastian Bach - Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

Driving toward Chicago:

  • AC/DC - Highway to Hell
  • Chris Rea - The Road To Hell

Driving all other directions:

  • The Weeknd - Save Your Tears
  • YES - Owner of a Lonely Heart
  • INXS - Need You Tonight
  • Mr. Mister - Broken Wings
  • Freddie Mercury - Living On My Own

or I just setup my Pandora Radio on “80’s” :grinning:


Neil Young, Harvest Moon

My 50th anniversary is coming up. Seems appropriate.

Neil Young - Harvest Moon [Official Music Video] - YouTube

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@Jerzy DAMN! You have great choices in music! From top to bottom of your list! Have 'em all, listen to them all!


Yesterday I drove 50 minutes for Pistol training and enjoyed listening Jean-Michel Jarre’s Oxygen and Equinoxe .

So good to clear your mind before exhausting class. :metal:

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@Mark617. Good one! Very appropriate.

Grateful Dead - I may be going to hell in a bucket, (but at least I’m enjoying the ride.)


@Jerzy. Very true! I haven’t heard it in a long time! It’s time to revisit! Thanks man!


I’m actually doing the same. I’m going back to the music I loved in school times… I cannot stand 95% of “music” composed these days…
I think I’m getting older and older… :joy:


@Jerzy. What do the young people today know about the classics? Most of the stuff I initially mentioned are from my high school years. The 80’s


Yeah… we actually learned the life by living… these days Internet and media creates the life. I’m doing everything to protect me (it’s an easy task) and my kids (that’s the tough task, but not impossible) from being “zombies” or “mummies”.


“We are young but getting old before our time
We’ll leave the TV and the radio behind
Don’t you wonder what we’ll find
Steppin’ out tonight?”


Like a fine wine, we get better with age. To step out can be wonderous, sometimes you find what you’re looking for, sometimes you don’t, but sometimes you’re just going out. What finds you? That’s a different question all together!


We’re a ship without a storm, the cold without the warm. Light inside the darkness that it needs.
We’re a laugh without the tear, the hope without the fear! We are coming…
We’re off to the witch, we may never, never come home, but the magic that we feel is worth a lifetime.
We’re born upon the cross, with the throw before the toss. You can release yourself, but the only way is down.
We don’t come alone. We are fire, we are stone. We’re the hand that writes and quickly moves away.
We’ll know for the first time, if we’re evil or divine - we’re the last in line.
Two eyes from the east, it’s the angel or the beast and the answer lies between the good and bad.
We search for the truth, we could die upon the tooth, but the thrill of just the chase is worth the pain.
We’re off to the witch, we may never, never come home, but the magic that we feel is worth a lifetime!
We’ll know for the first time, if we’re evil or divine - We’re the last in line. We’re the last in line.
We’re the last in, we’re the last in, we’re the first in line! See how we shine!


I pretty much like anything from opera to death metal, except for country.

When I need to get hyped up or jacked to get more exercise. My go to’s are actually the same band they just have different names

One Step Closer: Linkin Park

Remember My Name: Fort Minor

10 percent luck
20 percent skill
15 percent pure concentrated power of will
05 percent pleasure
50 percent pain

100% chance you will remember the name.

That song always energizes me.

Enigma: If I am just chilling
Evanescence: Same as Enigma
Breaking Benjamin
Some Imagine Dragons.
System of a Down

Really just anything, but country, even some Christian Rock I like.


@Zavier_D. Remember my name! It’s definitely a hard hitter. Godsmack - I Stand Alone.
I listen to the rest of your list except Some Imagine dragons and System of a down. I’ll check them out. Some country is ok. The older stuff. I.E. Waylon Jennings - Lady’s love Outlaws, Garth Brooks - The Thunder Rolls. Some others, not many though. Thanks for the new music to check out!


Oh man… you have just recalled good times…
Limp Bizkit
3 Doors Down
Marillion (with Fish)



Love this song…



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@Wanda3, @Zavier_D, @Jerzy
3 Doors Down - When I’m Gone. Soldiers video!


I like 3 doors down, I would be here for hours if I tried to list them all

I’ve had this artist stuck in my head for a while.

Tom McDonald

Tom MacDonald - "Snowflakes" - YouTube text will be blurred[/spoiler]

Some of you might not like him or his songs, quite a few are political. So consider that before unblurring.

Also try: Falling in Reverse, Bad Wolf (An Amazing remix of Zombie by the Cranberries), 30 Seconds to Mars (Jared Leto’s band and quite good actually), the Water Down Boys, Celtic Thunder and Guano Apes, Akon, and to many hip hop and rappers to list.

Super Secret Squirrel Edit.

Almost all of Tom McDonald 's music is about current political issues and I enjoy getting in my convertible and cranking my playlist that has almost all of his songs.

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