Missing 411 - A Serious Business

Tom Paulides - a former police officer - has written an extensive series of books, investigating the unexplained disappearances of people in the U.S. and elsewhere. He’s been a regular guest on George Nouri’s Coast To Coast AM radio show, and his accounts - especially regarding children - are truly chilling, hair-raising, and frustrating all at once. He’s stated to have his own theory, but I’ve never heard it. FYI


Years & years ago I listened to a show on am radio. Cannot remember the name. Talked about UFOs, com trails think it was Art Bell . Could be wrong

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“Dreamland” was Bell’s show, and Coast broadcasts reruns on weekends on some stations. A unique background feature was that it was broadcast from Bell’s home in Pahrump, NV - the later site where the Martians landed in Mars Attacks!



Yes, I’ve been binging his YouTube channel the last couple of weeks. I love how he just lays the stories out and lets people come up with their own conclusions.

Canam Missing Project for the curious.

I bought one of these books for my wife who loves good wilderness survival and disaster stories. The books are hard to come by at a reasonable price. The only place I could find them was at bigfootsearch.com which I believe the author runs?? and also believe is his primary theory for the disappearances. She didn’t like the book. Poorly written and makes a big deal about common disappearances were her biggest complaints. Perhaps that’s why he does not make the book available more broadly so he can avoid poor reviews?

I watched one of the Missing 411 movies, on Amazon, I think. A couple of the stories were interesting. But there was one story he kept saying was totally unexplainable where the details perfectly described the classic behavior of a person suffering from late stage hypothermia. Someone with his supposed experience should have known that.

I used to have to work a lot of overnights and listened to Art Bell all of the time.
99% of what he talked about was nonsense, but he was able to sell it in a way that it was very entertaining. Cmpare that to tv shows like “Ghost Hunters” that are pure nonsense and they don’t present it in a way that’s entertaining.

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Not saying that there is not a lot of crazy stuff going on out in the woods. Just saying most of it is explainable and the most dangerous thing you are likely to run into out there does walk on two feet but is not all that tall or hairy.

Granted TV is not what it was. Watch some movies over winter. Haven’t had a radio on in years ( not counting CDs). PC & phone if I can find some truth…

There used to be a “Bigfoot” searching show that we used to love to watch because it was so stupid. We could never tell if the people on the show really believed that they were finding traces of the Squatch, or if they were just really good actors !!


@Matthew156 >> I think that two brothers in ( maybe Washington State )
started the Bigfoot sham by making big rubber molds of fake Bigfoot feet and made tracks all over the place in the snow. It turned into a big deal and the fakers
Came forward & admitted to the hoax. . PS THE GIRL ON THAT SHOW SAID SHE DIDNT Believe there is a Bigfoot.

Is that the show with “Bobo?”

If Bigfoot exists, I have a theory that I haven’t heard anyone else propose for their tenure on this planet.

@Matthew156 >>> yes >>> :us::us::us:

@Kurt17 >>>What is your theory on big foot ? :paraguay::paraguay::paraguay:

Has anyone linked Bigfoot’s presence here as a RESCUE attempt from a hostile, space-faring race that was determined to strip their home planet of natural resources, which could not be defended?

@KURT17 >>> I warned you about that corn silk, or was that someone else.>>>


C.O.D. <<<<<

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