Stop touching your CC rig!

Ok folks, thing is, if your carry rig isn’t already properly adjusted, snug,sturdy, etc., your picking at it through a cover garment nearly totally removes the effectiveness of that garment.
Advice: Get it on right & tight before going into public areas, then do not touch unless it somehow accidentally becomes exposed, or youre drawing your gun.
Jus sayin’


100 percent agree with @Smiddy because the more you adjust your holster the easier to give yourself up that you are carrying.


@Smiddy the funny thing about this, I am a new carrier. And I just watch a video about 5 things new carriers do that they shouldn’t and he talks about the shirt. And other things and I was like oops…


I can’t speak highly enough about the correct belt/ belt width. 1 1/4 or less most likely will not hold your holster and extra magazine as well as 1 1/2 or higher. All of course is relative to your holster belt loops and firearm size and weight. In time it will past!


I wear a paddle holster with my S & W 9 C with just a T-Shirt over it during the summer.


I tend to forget that I have it on. At first it wasn’t so but after some familiarization with it and having the proper belt and holster it is quite comfortable. so, get it on right and tight. Be comfortable and confident.


A good holster with a lousy belt won’t work. It took me awhile to learn that.


Back in the good ole days when some police departments still issued revolvers, Uncle Sam sent me to a school where the first day of class was called “You are NOT James Bond.”

In the civilian world, we conceal to be less obvious at first glance. For some reason, we allowed city-dwelling Communists and the criminal element to convince us it was impolite for men to carry weapons in public after World War 2. So that cover garment isn’t a cloak of invisibility. It’s a car cover. Everybody who matters knows there is a car under the tarp. Capiche?

As SGT Hulka said in the classic film, Stripes, “Lighten up, Francis.” Because we aren’t nearly as sneaky as we have been led to believe we are, way fewer people actually give a tinker’s dam than we think they do, and I have never seen anyone obviously readjusting their holster rig in front of strangers outside of a public restroom or some similar discreet location. I’ve done it in an elevator, getting out of the car in a parking lot between 2 vehicles after a quick 360 scan to make sure nobody would see, and a few other places like that. I have, on the other hand, seen thousands of nose pickers in public. Just treat it the way you do your crotch. If something needs adjusting, do it discreetly. We will all be fine. It’s all about manners, not security. There is no sniper waiting to shoot the guy they see adjusting their pistol belt!


I try not to adjust mine too often. I have a good double stitched double layer leather gun belt, and a good holster. BUT, I also carry at work. I may be working on signs, or crawling around on the ground putting graphics on a vehicle. If I need to adjust my holster slightly, I will. If I am carrying groceries to my car, and the wind exposes my gun, oops… I try to keep it concealed, but I also am an active person.

Most people are glued to their phone anyway. They might notice someone open carrying, but I bet most of them never notice anyone adjusting a holster as being anything out of the ordinary. :grinning:


I know people who carry Sneaky Pete and similar holsters on their belts with tucked in shirts and no jacket who have done this every day for years and nobody has ever asked them if there is a pistol in the case. I own 2 of them because I took a part-time job last year where I had to wear uniform slacks and polo and work alone with the public in a remote spot a few days/week. I also wore a Leatherman and a remote for the security systems on my belt on that job. Dealt with hundreds of customers and an anti-gun boss, plus dozens of construction workers all day, 3 days/week x 6 months under monitored HD CCTV cameras and nobody ever said the word “gun” or looked at my belt pack funny. This isn’t nearly as big of a deal as most CC media makes it out to be. But they get paid to sell holsters, belts, bags, garments, etc. to CC folks. So that makes sense.


@Ken38 you my friend should receive commentary of the month. You are spot on.


Thanks. Stick around long enough and I will probably share condensed versions of my essays on “square up on your target” and the 2 second quick draw from concealment gunfight myth. :cowboy_hat_face:


If it’s in the right holster tight to your body and in the right spot for you. You should never have to touch it. And like a few have said. For me I forget it’s there I’m so used to it being there. For new people starting to CC you will get used to is and will feel comfortable and it will just become everyday thing and natural.


Agree! The fact that most people are oblivious to their surroundings is what makes them perfect wolf-bait.


Jokes on you, I tug shirt with or without a weapon, it is actually a bad habit of mine since gaining weight from an injury that prevented exercise for a very long time. However, when I do tug it isn’t conspicuous to one side but more of an entire shirt adjustment tug so both hands are involved. I am working on it though. My biggest problem is carrying is so casual to me that having it on and reaching up high allowing it to be scene for that second. I forget that my shirt rides up a bit when reaching really high to grab something. I have had to consciously decide not to do that at stores or have my wife stand on my right side.
In my state I assume 1 in every 3 people have a gun, anyone who doesn’t expect that has no common sense in my opinion.


I think that the people who know what’s in the bag are people that won’t out you for what’s in the bag.


Welcome to the family brother and god bless you.

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In every group, there is someone who will sell you out on purpose and someone who will trip you up on accident.


He was not touching his CC rig, but I did see a man obviously carrying in the grocery store yesterday! He had on dark cargo pants with shirt tucked in. There were a couple of loops built into the waistband that he was open carrying a knife and flashlight. Every step he took revealed heavy objects in front and rear pockets as well as right and left thigh cargo pockets. He definitely stood out to me, but after we left I asked my wife if she noticed – she did not  I am sharing this as yet another example of how little “most” people notice CC going on around them.


Hey Gary, that was probably me! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: