Stop the Bleed Class

I am an assigned medic at some of the shooting matches I attend. Recently a guy approached me to make sure that I had hemostatic gauze (“clotting gauze”) in my med kit because he was taking blood thinners. It reminded me of a couple of things:

  1. It’s a good idea to regularly inventory your med kit to ensure that you have everything you need, and that items are still in good condition or have not passed their expiration dates (tourniquets do expire, and so do a lot of other things);

  2. If you haven’t taken a “stop the bleed” class of some kind or haven’t reviewed the material or taken a refresher since you took first-aid training, you might want to consider doing so. Learning to save a life is empowering, but it does require real training. Not enough people know how to save a life. And if you are going to be around live fire, the life you save could be your own.

Train for real life and stay safe out there!


I carry a trauma bag where ever I go, We also have a trauma kit in the bedroom. :us:


Good on you for being prepared, but I find it a little troubling when someone says they have a condition, and another should bear the responsibility of having the appropriate meds/supplies to care for it.

I’m not intending to be callous, but isn’t it incumbent on that individual to insure their special needs are met? Wouldn’t it have been more responsible to say “I’m on blood thinners, so I’m going to give you my quick-clot just in case?”


I agree. :+1:

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I actually think that’s what he was trying to do. Hemostatic gauze is standard in my kit. I don’t hit people up for reimbursement until after they get out of the hospital. :grinning:


Well then, good for him too. I can say, I’ve used my IFAKs many times, but rarely on myself, and then mostly moleskin for foot blisters.

Thanks for adding that.


When I ordered mine I added to it for everything I would need.

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Like Mr Plastic said at the start of this string if you haven’t taken a stop the bleed class it is a great intro class for anything related beyond gunshot wound. Us old timers on blood thinner, fall off a ladder and slice open a arm, ETC. We have the local instructor for this class come in twice a year for a couple clubs here in our community. It’s a great program for a gun club, wood working club (we had a guy cut a finger off on the table saw) and so much more.