How’s your sticker collection? It seems every time I order from a firearms dealer, my package comes with a new sticker or two. I have logo stickers, anniversary stickers, and American flag stickers. The other day, I got a shipment from Osage County Guns containing these:

I don’t know if this is company-sanctioned, or it’s just someone in shipping doing a little extra to make customers smile, but it’s not the first time I’ve gotten something special and a little off-the-wall from them.


Nice! Yeah, my truck window is pretty tattooed with stickers, but it’s an older redneck ride. My car is pretty “business like” in appearance, but spent a couple days with a “f#@k Lamont” (our governor) sticker on it, before I sliced most of it off, only leaving a discreet AR and AK that made up the F and K.


As a mechanic we have a long running joke that stickers add horsepower to any ride. That being said I have a box of stickers ranging from old hard hat stickers to contingency stickers and gun stickers that should be good for approx 5000 horsepower.


Due to stickers, when my SR22 is in my truck, it identifies as a Ma Deuce! (They’re all gun stickers)


The only stickers on my truck is a red, white, and blue USCCA sticker. But, my license plate reads 357 CAL.

Most of my gun stickers are on Ammo boxes.


The only stickers on my car




My favorite sticker came on my Springfield gun case. “Not legal in the state of California”. :grinning:


Badge of Honor


Oops, just looked at the back of my car today. Turns out, besides the AR and AK stickers,I also have the USCCA sticker…tasteful…and a punisher skull from cds tactical…ah well, discretion is over rated :kissing_smiling_eyes:


I have a few on my truck’s back window, but my favorite one is my custom “Believe in American Exceptionalism” that a friend of mine made for me. It shows off my love of country without showing TOO much to others who see my truck. The meaning behind it will also only be understood by certain people, so that is always a plus.


I put my stickers on my reload station. That way they don’t know I might have a gun in our car.


I have a couple of stickers, one is a thin blue line flag, another, is a license plate frame that says God Bless America and one that says Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition LOL


Yeah, I give them to my toddler. Who adds the horsepower to his toy John Deere Gator. He has Magpul, BCM, Larue Tactical, and BlueForce Gear stickers, some of them upside down, others pasted on top of others.

My truck has no stickers apart from registration tags.


I have Nine Line, Sheriff Department, and USCCA stickers on the truck all my firearm related stickers are on my reloading bench.
My license plate holder says “Don’t Drive Faster Than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly”


I don’t put 2A or other gun related stickers on my vehicle. I feel it gives the thugs a clue and they’ll break in to steal a gun. A well secured truck safe will help but your truck is still broken in to. Like concealed carry, I try to avoid printing.


All the drawers in my equipment room are covered with the stickers I get from everyone ranging from the NRA and other 2A rights groups to all the manufacturers I have bought from or who just sent me a sticker out of the blue one day. Last year Glock sent me a nice little surprise with stickers, a key chain, lapel pin and even a plastic Glock shopping bag.

I don’t put any stickers on my rides as I always do my best to be the ‘Grey Man.’


I have one for my local Sheriff office, and one that says “I (heart) pétanque “. It’s my favorite because I’m the only person in my town that knows what the heck pétanque is!


Well, that takes balls. Be careful not to bocce it up.


I get it, Tim. Please see my reply to Alces_Americanus’ initial post below. I’m just a USCCA member trying to help the good guys “fly the flag” in a way that the people who don’t need to get it won’t.

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To my carrying brothers and sisters – I respect all of your points of view, from those who want to put it out there, to those who want to be the “Grey Man.” That’s kind of why I started I wanted to give like-minded individuals a way to “Fly the Flag” whether they want to do it subtly or whether they want to put it in the gun grabbers’ faces. Please take a look at my sticker offerings in the attached pic. The 5.56 x 45 stickers are intended to help those of us who want to fly the flag in a way most non-gun folks won’t understand. At the other end of the spectrum, I have the AR image stickers that pretty much say, I love America’s Rifle, deal with it. In between are the flag stickers – our current flag, and the Original 13 Colonies flag that flew when the 2ND Amendment was ratified. Today’s flag is pretty much self-explanatory. The Original 13 Colonies flag is for those who relish a simpler time, when we were united enough to ratify something as brilliant as the 2ND Amendment. In any event, I hope you’ll check out my offerings, and whether it’s for yourself or the gun guy or gun gal in your life, pick something up and Fly the Flag!!


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Thanks for your time, and God Bless you all!