Statistics Tell the Story: 10.3 Million Arrests

What other statistics do you use to tell the story of why you carry?


Statistically the 2nd Amendment is the ONLY amendment that has the words “Shall Not Be Infringed”. Pretty simple math.


Gun control, speedy trial, search and seizure, states’ rights usurped under excuse of interstate commerce? Where hasn’t the Bill of Rights been shredded?


I use the local newspapers and read the arrests for the different departments and the court news to see what convictions are being sent down. It gives me a feel for the dangers in my area. :wink:


We have an app on our phones that let us communicate with our “neighborhood.” A similar report of what’s happening near us came with the Ring app that interfaces with the doorbell camera. There’s usually an assault, or a car or a house broken into within a five mile radius. That’s reason enough for me to be legally armed.


Nancy and I are technologically stunted, our phones are smarter then we are. LOL
We do have two cameras we want to install out side that Nancy can access from her phone, I plan on doing that when it stops raining, some day. :wink:


Statistics concerning women and more vulnerable, aged segments of the population being targeted contributed to my decision to always carry. As a woman in my late 50’s and medically retired, the mindset of ‘nobody’s victim’ meant adapting to the changes in my reality.


I use statistic trends, avgs of types crimes and reports of avg LEO response times.


I thought it was interesting to see that Statistics show it is very rare for a licensed gun carrier to commit a crime. It makes sense. Criminals will carry a gun regardless!

My fathers told me before. People will thank you if you end up having to use your firearm (we were talking about mass shootings specifically). Some people are anti-gun… until they need to be saved by a gun.


I live in a pretty liberal area, so not a ton of people know i carry or even have firearms (I’m sure more than a few can guess). The area is very low crime, and there has never been a mass shooting near me (altho two “big ones” in the state).

My answers around “why do you carry” or “why do you have a gun” usually go something like this (it sounds better if you know me and have heard me speak):

although the risk around here is very low, the risk is never zero. And if I only carried when it’s likely that I need it then I’d never carry, and then when I needed it I probably wouldn’t have it. Because it’s not like I go romping through drug-dealer infested dark alleys where I can say “today I need to carry”. So if I ever need it, I know I have it.

When it comes to mass shootings, by definition they almost always happen where people are not expecting to be attacked. Our churches, places of work, our schools, our theaters. I absolutely will not be one of those people cowering behind a desk waiting to die.

And then I can even give them a very specific personal example. There was a murder, quasi-famous around here because the murderer fled the country and was later extradited from his country back here to stand trial, and of course I have bookmarked the article(s) from appropriate anti-gun friendly news sources. That murder… happened a few blocks from my house. I used to walk my dogs that way, the wife used to jog that way, I’ve driven past it untold times. So I then re-iterate… around here… while the risk is low… the risk is never zero.


No no…

While it might be that the phone is smarter… like a door when you walk into it…

Consider the phone is a DUMB phone and not a smart phone and does not do what you want.

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(Heavy Sigh) I still feel dumb, when you watch a 10yr. old and their fingers are flashing so fast you can hardly see them. LOL. :roll_eyes: