Statistics Tell the Story: Firearm Homicides

What other statistics do you like to use when discussing firearm safety with non-gun people?


I don’t use statistics when discussing any firearm related subjects with non-gun people.
Every pro-gun statistic has anti-pro-gun contra statistics… and hard to continue discussion…

Once somebody is fixed to be anti-gun - no way to change his/her mind.

I was non-gun person by myself for almost my whole life. I became firearm owner because I wanted and needed to be one. It took 10 minutes of friendly discussion with my co-worker to convince me why do I need a firearm. No statistics were involved.
My two kids are very pro-gun, my wife is non-gun. (But me and my kids are here to protect Her.)

So my point is - we have to find the way to explain that firearm doesn’t hurt people, people hurt people. Firearm prevents “hurting procedure”.


That LEO are 7 times more likely to be arrested for a criminal act, than a concealed carry permit holder.
(source: Concealed Carry: Fact or Fiction.)


I generally don’t use stats but that is a powerful bit of truth above. I let the anti-gunner talk then I use their logic against them. It doesn’t end well & that’s when you realize that some politician somewhere has convinced these folks to vote/support legislation that is against their best interests. It’s been said before and I’ll say it once more- MEN LIE, WOMEN LIE, BUT NUMBERS DON’T LIE! :v:t5:


The term Mass Public Shooting lumps together phenomena as different as a lightning strike is different from on-the-job electrocution accident.

The stat I love to share is the average law enforcement time, which is 7-9 minutes in most areas. In reality LEO’s are always second-responders. When it comes to personal safety, the onus is on you to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Another stat is also very telling. There are, arguably, over 350 million firearms in the United States. The fact that firearm homicides account for only 0.41% of all deaths speaks volumes about the vast majority of gun owners, and their commitment to safety, training, and the rule of law.