G.O.A. Percentage on Gun Control

These articles are not from the Democrats or the Left. Much of Social Media is laced with the untruth, condemnation, false informations that seeks to destroy our Constitution, our 2nd Amendment Rights, and take away freedom.

The G.O.A. has given us facts and percentages on the use of firearms used in mass shootings, information and percentages on people that use firearms to protect and defend
there families and themselves. Also, this information gives us facts about police that have chosen NOT to support gun bans and they
disagree that banning firearms from law abiding citizens reduces crime.

Programs that are set to Buy Back Firearms does not work and The AWB is to only take our firearms away from law abiding people. People
that conceal and carry firearms do not cause crimes, but protect.

This information is NOT to cause conflict or cause problems. It is a call to stand up for our hard working people, such our police officers
and contact Representatives in our State and support them that legally fight for our Rights,

Watch “Biden Admin Lies - Police Officers Don’t Support Gun Ban” on YouTube

Watch “Crime INCREASED Under the Last “Assault Weapon” Ban” on YouTube


You can’t win emotional arguments with facts.


Most definitely! A firearm just sits there until a person uses it.

Lies of omission???

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Lies travel faster than bullets, that’s for sure.