Police data debunks Joe Biden’s push for gun control


That won’t stop them from lying and pushing the false narrative. Democrats scare me. This kind of Democrat. There are Republicans that scare me too. And politician that tries to steel or undermine our Hod given rights outlined in the Constitution scares me. I am in complete support of getting rid of them.


I have been following the news regarding the tragic killing of an Arvada Police Officer earlier this week, and it appears that the killer was stopped (killed) by a law abiding, concealed permit carrier, who was ultimately also (and tragically) killed in the confrontation. I have noticed that certain news outlets have been slow to pick up on the secondary story of how the criminal was neutralized by a law abiding, concealed carry citizen. I would hope this situation gets more air play than the constant text you read on “gun violence” which in reality can usually be correctly identified as “gang violence”. Sadly, I doubt it, as this does not pander to the tribalism that the current slate of politicians seems to be focusing on to keep us at each other’s throats and focused away from what (in my opinion) is really going on in this country right now.