Democrats’s Fight on Crime

SenateGOP (@Senate Republicans) Tweeted: All 50 Senate Democrats just voted to release violent criminals back on the streets without bail.

Soft-on-crime Democrats aren’t even pretending to keep your communities safe.

Please use your Color Code of Awareness,
Please use your Situational Awareness, and
any training that was learned for Home
Defense / Self Defense. Engagement into a
gun fight is not to engage that fight unless
Your life or others are in danger. Respectfully
written. USCCA offers excellent training and
that covers many areas on how to carry a legal firearm and to stay safe.

The reason for posting this in the legal department is a request to stay alert always.
I can not tell anyone what to do, but I enjoy our
USCCA’s Training and the staff have worked
very hard to keep us safe and training us in
what is legal and illegal in the Art of
Concealment and Carrying of any firearm.

Safety First, stay trained, stay alert, and Born to Protect. Life is priceless.


Maybe, to appease our government, we can start new classes
“how to be a compliant victim!” Sounds like kill or be killed!
Between China and crime legal, it’s all over!
We can’t even vote them out because the fix is already in!
Are there any sane people that represent us?

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“To appease our government”.

Checking my to-do list …

NOPE. Not on there.

Carry on.

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“Duty to retreat” comes to mind.


Always comply with gfz’s. Prosecute Greenwood Mall shooter , formerly known as Good Samaritan.

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So many layers in what you said.
Let’s start with: the “Greenwood Mall shooter” should be the person trying to murder random people in a mall, not the person trying to stop the murderer.

Second, the person trying to stop the murder violated no laws, so there is no basis on which to prosecute him. Malls are not legally designated as gun free zones in Indiana. Your state may be different.


That one is dead, you cannot prosecute him. One shooter left standing, the other expired - who do you have left to prosecute?

sarcasm, sarcasm.


I got it the first time. :slightly_smiling_face: