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WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: President Trump’s “Grand Bargain” on Guns

By Wayne Allyn Root

Guns are in the news again. Democrats shamelessly use every mass shooting tragedy as an opportunity to take away the God-given and Constitution-given rights of gun owning Americans.

Never forget what Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel once said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Also, never forget that 41 people were shot over the Labor Day weekend in Chicago. Isn’t that a “mass shooting?” Doesn’t 100% Democrat-controlled Chicago already have the strictest gun control in the country?

But nonetheless, I’m willing to compromise. I’m willing to give Democrats a crown jewel of what they’ve crusaded for, for decades.

I want President Trump to call their bluff. Democrats want “universal background checks” on all gun sales. Let’s give it to them…

As soon as Democrats agree to Federal Government-Issued Photo and Fingerprint ID for every voter in America.

Now there’s a grand bargain. Isn’t that an offer too good to refuse? Democrats claim they want to stop gun violence. They claim universal background checks is the answer. So why would they reject this offer?

Are they so frightened by Voter ID, they’re willing to let gun violence and mass shootings continue unabated?

What’s so scary about Voter ID? Don’t Democrats claim “election integrity” is their top priority? Aren’t they worried about “foreign interference” in US elections? So, why isn’t it a priority to prevent voter fraud?

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Here in Illinois liberal Illinois with all the Democrat “leadership” (:joy:) for generations you have to have an ID if asked to produce one on election days. You would suspect of all places like Illinois you would not need anything but it’s simply not the case. Put up or go home.

I love it! I actually thought about this a few weeks ago. Perfect ‘checkmate’. I have always wondered why anti voter ID people claim requiring an ID to vote will ‘disenfranchise’ poor people and African Americans. I mean, who does not have an ID these days? You have to show an ID for 2A, banking, doctors, flying, shipping with FedEx, all kinds of things. But, seemingly the only one that disenfranchises certain people is a voter ID…

And, who is FOR voter fraud?

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@Fred_G & @Michael7

I am all in on a FEDERAL ID card, Drivers license, Voter ID, Good Guy Card, Concealed Cary card, Organ donor card. Put a number on it tied to your SSN so that the vast computing power of the Gov’t (just like a drivers license) can keep track of it all.
It means I can
Vote in my state of residence and locality,
I can drive wherever I want,
I can pass a “background check”.
I can carry a concealed weapon where ever I am.
I can buy booze.
I can buy an airline ticket.
I can buy a car.
I can pick up a prescription

Then create a “app” that by entering that number I instantly get a transaction number not just for selling guns but if I want to check someone out prior to letting them in my house to look at the dining room set I am selling. Check and see if this is a good person to have as a baby sitter.

You only get one if you are a citizen with an SSN.



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@Craig6 That is an interesting idea. I am just thinking doing that at a federal level might be overstepping state’s rights. Part of the freedom of our Republic are the rights of the states to have different laws in their states voted on by the citizens of the state. In a way, this lets us have 50 little countries that have different laws, overseen so to speak by a federal system vs all laws by one governing body.

In Louisiana, if you have a CC license, you still have to fill out the form to buy a gun, but it is not called in, so it saves a few mins.

Barring some legal issues, I certainly think your idea has merit.

@Fred_G actually you are quite correct and that is where my whole idea falls down. The only saving grace might be it invoke the interstate commerce clause and that in itself is sketchy. CA, NJ, MA, CT, et al will never allow a Federal concealed carry to occur any more than they have reciprocity today. I don’t think UBC can be accomplished in this climate BUT I think the current laws can be strengthened. Mostly concerning required reporting of existing regulations. I also think there is some merit to holding open criminal activity of juveniles for 10 years following their 18th B-Day. Just because you turn 18 doesn’t give you a clean slate.



" I also think there is some merit to holding open criminal activity of juveniles for 10 years following their 18th B-Day."

Very interesting. I have always kinda wondered about that. I get it if a kid messes up, no need to have a felony from a young age on up, but… depending on the crime, violent or non violent, more time for sure before a ‘clean slate’.