So...At this point

Did USCCA step up to defend Kyle? Aren’t we in this together? Asking for a friend. This could be any of us. Think about it?

Great program here. Instruction, recourses, and training. Loyalty to the self defense community?


A little late to the party? And yeah, we were in this together. Verdict most likely 11/16.


Thank you, was not aware. Still the gold standard.


I find the community consists of a lot of organizations, groups, individuals etc…and gawd do I have the daily emails to prove it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Went from stumping and contributing to free Derrick Miller and Clint Lorance (Leavenworth related, and politicians who won’t let our troops do their job) awhile back to helping 2a causes a bit these days, my version of being a sjw :call_me_hand:


It could be barring certain minor details!

  1. Avoid the areas of danger
  2. Self defense ammo not FMJ
  3. Be of legal age to carry a weapon
  4. Know the firearms laws state to state.
  5. Most important, “don’t bring a gun if you want to claim self defense, it’s the law”. So says a guy who points a firearm at a group of innocent people with his finger on the trigger! ( if this guy doesn’t look like “Scarface” I don’t know who does.
    Are we seeing a comparison here for what?

If I was anywhere in that courtroom, I would have screamed, “DUCK, ACTIVE SHOOTER”
6. Never arrive at a fight for your life if you don’t look like Patrick Swayze!
7. Never bring a force greater than your opponent!
Other than that, yes any one of us could be staring down the barrel of a lying twisted prosecutor, bought and paid for by anti 2A groups.