Biden Calls for More Gun Contol in response to surge in violent ctime

This is really why they’re not doing anything real to stop criminals. It’s all part of the plan to take your CV institutional rights.


Of course it is. What crisis have the democrats actually solved?

Never mind that we have had guns since before the Republic, it has to be the guns, not the criminals.


9 times out of 10, when I read a “news story” that contains the phrase “gun violence”, I substitute that phrase with “gang violence”, and the story seems to make a lot more sense. Just sayin’…


What’s this I just heard that Biden threatened to use nuclear weapons on Patriots (U.S. Citizens)?


#ShotgunJoe just made the greatest case for the 2nd amendment any President has EVER made lol

Sounds to me he just greenlit ordinary citizens having F-15s and nuclear arms to fight against a tyrannical government!


Weirdest thing he said was five percent of gun shops are involved in 90 percent of crimes; so that’s why we need to limit magazine capacity and ban “assault weapons” (so honest citizens can’t get hold of them? What?)

That doesn’t even make sense.

The latter in no way follows from the former.

How about enforcing the laws if we know the cause of 90 percent of crimes?

I was having a hard time following what he said. It seemed like he was having a hard time following it, too…


The anti gun crowd is firmly entrenched in the Democratic party. They have billionaires bankrolling their efforts along with buying political and media influence.

Their constant drumbeat to restrict and ban firearms has caused gun sales to skyrocket. They don’t have a problem with that since the likelihood of a shooting incident that can be sensational news is greater. Even though the overwhelming number of gun owners cause zero incidents, that doesn’t make the news. There are zero efforts to educate the public on gun ownership. There are zero efforts to stop the gun ban frenzy promoted by ignorant politicians and their minions. There are only selective efforts to enforce laws and prosecute criminals which leads to more anxiety in the general public. Statistically there are more chances for guns in the hands of the wrong people and creating headlines to further their agenda.

They are complicit in this insane activity and should be held accountable.


You are absolutely correct sir.

Biden/Harris are nothing more than tools that go where their handlers point them and say what their handlers tell them. They don’t share an original thought between them and when they go off script they fall apart.

Four years of this are already hard to bear.


If the liberals would just quit pandering to a segment of society that is criminal and letting them get away with crime, and prosecute their criminal activity to the max when they commit crimes, crime would decrease. Further if they quit restricting how law enforcement can do their job, and actually help law enforcement do their job crime would decrease, defunding the police only helps increase crime. Finally, letting the GOOD guys be armed to protect themselves and their families will certainly reduce crime, are you going to attack or rob someone that is armed, probably not!


my thoughts at this point… the Democrats de-fund police and such…

violence and such increases exponentially… the Democrats refuse to prosecute looters n such…

put em right back on the street… yet the Democrats do prosecute people defending themselves and their property…

and then the Democrats blame guns and the average citizen for the increase…

in short they created the situation and are using it to achieve their goals…

Democrats gave away all we had achieved in southeast Asia by refusing to honor our promise to those people…

many of them died or were sent to reeducation camps after the fall of Saigon…

Democrats fought school desegregation in the south… they fought against freeing the slaves…

they created the modern plantation with their war on poverty system of welfare…

LBJ said they’d vote Democrat for the next 100 years???

to me the enemies of the people and this nation and it’s Constitution seem to bear their name…

and yet many people still vote for them… shall I go on???


I really wish they would just show us the teleprompter as subtitles. Most of us can read it better than he can.


Crime had been dropping for the last 20 years until this recent spike. Lets not pretend it’s the guns. We all know what we saw.


:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:sad truth