Virginia Dems, who are trying to make life harder for legal gun owners, squash GOP bill increasing punishments for using a gun during a crime


Makes sense to them. Why should they increase a gun related crime? If they did that they might upset their felon voting base. They have another bill pending to let felons vote. They have clearly made their choice. Punish law abiding citizens and make life easier for criminals. They are so morally bankrupt that they will risk public safety to pander to a presently unavialable base of new voters.

What is worse is that millions of liberal voters will cheer these decisions and roundly vote for the progressive party. Bolshiveks all.


Odd, they actually seem to know that only law abiding citizens will obey the laws, so why waste time on the criminals.

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Maybe we should all just give in and become bad guys! I hear robbing banks is quite exhilarating, especially on meth. We can keep our illegally stolen firearms, with all the black market accessories like silencers, bump stocks, pistol grips, and of course the 100 round detachable extended magazines. I can own as many handguns as I want because I won’t have to BUY them and there will be no 4473 to fill out, no background checks no gun show loopholes to worry about, no red flag laws concern me, my buddies and I could trade our tech9’s, mp5’s, Uzi’s, no costs for permits. WOW! This is really sounding quite LIBERating. When I grow up I want to be a communist, socialist liberal pig just like AOC, Elizabeth Warren, Adam Shiff, Michael Bloomberg everything will be free.
What’s the point about being law abiding? We’re just not having any fun anymore!


You know, I think you are really on to something there. Lol. Excellent.

Wow… I cannot believe they think that way. It’s incredibly frustrating to read about.

Have you all reached out to friends and family in VA to make sure they know what’s going on in their state?

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My FIL knows whats going on and hates it.

The fact that they protect criminals more than law abiding citizens is disgusting. They need to be removed from office.

I would love to see VA have a recall election to get rid of these communists. ‘Course that won’t happen because they are working on legislation to make it a crime to criticize the “leaders”…

One thing of a series that I don’t like. I fully support that once a person has served their time. They should be able to return and exercise their basic rights. That means access to housing, being allowed to own property, businesses, and vote.
The barriers put to people who have served time often for non violent crimes and represent no threat to others is criminal in itself. You want to know some of the reasons for the high rates of recidivism. Look at the barriers in their way after prison.
Like the women and men who are arrested and fined for prostitution. Yet, this arrest is often cited in keeping them from getting employment of any type. They are forced back into the same crime that they came from. You must have a way to pay the bills and keep a roof over your head.
I am all for keeping violent criminals off the street or receiving the death penalty.
Democrats are off the mark in many ways. We still need changes in our criminal justice system. Unfortunately, I will not be able to vote for Dems for a very long time under the current spate of laws they seem to be committed too. The first problem is their irrational reactions to firearms and misdirected legislation. Just like this idiocy in Virginia.
Republicans are too interested in what people are doing in their bedrooms and doctors offices than working on the debt, unfunded mandates, and are too quick to put our people in harms ways.

Just for giggles. Go the State of Virginia website and read the process to do a recall. Then see who really gets to actually make the decision.
For a quick primer, go to YouTube and look up Liberty Dolls info notice on the Virginia Recall system.

Worse yet… a new Senate bill is being pushed forward that won’t recognize on-line course work when you apply for your CCW. I did mine that way Will it still be recognized as valid? The state (I say “state” not Commonwealth since I’m mad at 'em at the moment) issued my permit, but I wonder what will happen when I have to renew?

As for the rejection of the bills that would stiffen penalties for crimes committed while armed, it seems that our legislators have forgotten how effective Project Exile was. Yes we had one-gun-a-month, but man, did the armed crimes rate drop!

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Should violent felons be allowed to own a gun again, @Michael349?

You may very well be grandfathered in as you already have your CCW, @TCCRVA. If/when they make it a law is the only real way you’ll know.

Welcome to the Community, @TCCRVA!

This rather ham handed attempt to make me look like someone that has not taken a very careful look at what I want to see and why. Will not work.

Just because I have not drunk the police Kool Aid does not mean that I want violent people not to be dealt with. I have been on the receiving end of Power Police, and Criminals on Patrol. The only reason that I am not in prison. Is because I understood that you do not talk to Power Mad Police (until you have had to refuse to let yourself be interrogated or intimidated by their varied tactics, you would not understand.) under any circumstances without a lawyer and all conversations being recorded to avoid misunderstanding, misleading and false police summaries of conversations. It only takes two commas and a Professional Liar to say what they understand you said to put you in jail for 25 years. What a Professional Liar Approved by the Supreme Court hears and a Trained Testiliar that takes classes to carefully mold their words to get a conviction is not always what was said. Deception, Outright Lying, and being trained to mold their testimony to get a conviction is just a fact of life. Anyone that doubts that should read…You have the Right to Remain Innocent available on Amazon. It is cheap and a real eye opener.

In spite of clear court rulings to the contrary. Police still murder people by shooting them in the back for simply running away from them. The suspects have not fired a weapon or even had one in their hand. Yet, they get away with it. We certainly would not. Police even kill innocents shooting across and through groups of citizens. Yes, it means that the police will have to work to find someone that gets away.

There is a difference between a violent felon and someone who has committed a non violent property crime. Unfortunately our laws make no such distinctions. There are often circumstances that motivate certain things. That is one of the problems with absolutist broad spectrum punishments. That is why mandatory minimums are wrong. We should be able to keep violent felons in jail for a long time. One of the ways to do this is to prioritize the people we keep in jail and for how long.

Michigan has done away with mandatory minimums without falling into lawlessness. I don’t like judges that consistently fail to deal with dangerous people. That is why we have panels of judges to review judges conduct. Just like police fail to police themselves. So often Judges fail to police themselves. It does not mean that we just throw all the people who enter a courtroom to the wolves.

We are afraid to admit that treating all drug users as violent felons is wrong. The Professional Liars working in drug squads, court rooms, as prosecutors, operating prisons, and more are afraid of losing their money, power and pensions. Do not be fooled. The Failed War on Drugs is big business. The profits and careers associated with it are many The drug war with its many problems caused by having for profit prisons, proliferation of violent no knock raids that consistently fail to find evidence being searched for, harming physically and even killing innocent citizens becoming normal duty, and more needs to change.

The recent murder of two innocent citizens in Houston is a prime example of the corruption of the drug war and failure of police to police their own. Often the enforcement of this failed drug war is more of a problem than the drugs themselves.

Make pot legal and deal with it just like alcohol. If ,as a legal adult, you grow a few plants for personal consumption, so be it. We have enough laws already to deal with intoxicated people, people who cannot pass a physical sobriety test, and people being under the influence of intoxicants other than alcohol…

New Zealand has shown that changes to the laws on prostitution do not yield what the holier than thou naysayers preach every time that someone talks about changing the laws. In fact the violence associated with Prostitution and those who choose this trade does markedly decrease. It largely ends the difficulty with dealing with violent pimps and more. It allows for a focus on the real problems of traffickers and pimps.

With respect to drug use, other countries like Portugal have shown that this can be done. It defuses the violence in the streets and reduces prison population. It is much cheaper and effective to find creative ways to deal with users. We alleviate problems in the Emergency Rooms and take profit away from the gangs.The biggest issue with users is the uncontrolled purity and adulteration of drugs. The inability to get clean needles spread diseases. These countries have seen a marked decrease in the rate of use of certain drugs.

These countries still deal with illegal importers and dealers with prison time etc.

Should a rapist, any kind of violent robbery suspect, domestic violence, someone who abuses the privileges of being allowed to keep and carry weapons, etc? No.

USCCA Community Manager

    January 23

One thing of a series that I don’t like. I fully support that once a person has served their time. They should be able to return and exercise their basic rights. That means access to housing, being allowed to own property, businesses, and vote.

Should violent felons be allowed to own a gun again, @Michael349?

Sounds like you and I have had very different experiences with the police.

I understand that you aren’t a fan of the police and I’m ok with that. However, name calling is not allowed in the Community. I will ask that you revise your comment to remove the name calling.

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Liberalism is most definitely a mental disorder.


Agreed sir. It also is easily transfered to others it seems.

The Democrats in Virginia and many other states were bought and paid for. they don’t work for us .They work for One man. And it’s not the president or We the people.


Other than Lucifer (joking), I guess you are refering to the paragon of virtue bloomberg?

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@Virgil_H. Yes, you are correct

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