Cause and Effect Mixed Up, Worst Analysis To Date

Saw this article in Yahoo! this morning. Not surprising it is anti-gun ownership. Think their “expert” is just promoting popular gun control tropes:

Pure BS. When there is no punishment, crime increases. Motivation? Soaring inflation, lies about COVID, performance (or lack thereof) by Congress, illegal immigration, etc. Something/someone for everyone to hate. And oh, by the way, criminals don’t purchase their firearms from licensed dealers. They steal them from gun owners who plaster their car with Pro-2A and firearm stickers, or buy them out of the back of an old Caddy in the middle of the night.


So now students get to write articles on Yahoo…
Polarization, covid mandates, defunding and hobbling law enforcement… let’s go Brandon. Guy who shot 9 folks in the mall was out on bail the following day, locally this week, guy threatened a girl at a hotel, shot the wall over her head, round went through 2 more wall, typical illegal possession blah blah…charges are getting DISMISSED…this vid, even a dem wonders wtf? 68 shots… misdemeanor. NEXXXXT!


“a sense of lawlessness stemming from police violence” Nice try, comrades.

I don’t recall who said “The eye that is altered, alters all”. Police are lawless, protesters are mostly peaceful, a victim is to blame for crime, guns made them do it. Best of all, press like Yahoo, are neutral observers, they only report truth and never foment division and hate in society.


Yahooo doesn’t deserve the traffic. Starve the beast.
Here is an archived link.


The crime spike, and most violent crime in general, can be factored primarily into failed Democratic policies.


And the student is being upheld as an “expert.”


wish I’d seen that earlier, or at least tried to find it…

“Absent a gun, you might just have an assault. Absent a gun, you might just have a robbery.”
Just an Assault, Just a Robbery, I feel much better now. :roll_eyes:.
They actual stumbled into their truth. It’s OK if you get assaulted or robbed as long as the perp doesn’t get hurt.


Now ya know! Take care, Brother.
All the corrupt click baiters and propaganda rags get the archive. I made that one in like 3 clicks. Sometimes it takes a moment to queue and process but you can still post the link the site produces. :wink:


They try to make the emphasis on yeah you got robbed or assaulted and it sucks, but we want to disarm you, so we make that attack a little better experience for you since we’ve also disarmed the bad guys.


I follow this guy, Notice 2 rounds from the “AK 47”?

Here is a snapshot of Shitcago: