Weapons sales & Covid-19

has anyone started to look at the number of weapons sales in the last couple of months? Specifically, has weapons related violence increased because of the current pandemic? I have not seen anything on the news/social media of threats and or use of deadly force used in a supermarket of any other store environment to procure toilet paper. I and my wife recently purchased a weapon for EDC, the store was very thin on what was available but they had the weapons we wanted.
I have not seen anything correlating increased sales to increased violence by lawful sales of weapon to a law abiding CCW holder
Just a thought my wife brought to my attention.


Sales of fire arms sky rocketed in SC just over the past 3 wks. Aiken SC. Sports Academy. Had the gun department sold out & blocked off. Sales of bullets could only buy 5 different shells/ammo in one day. Small town in SC. About 3000 people populate this area., Friends & Family are scared to go outside cause their neighbors are practicing shootng in their yards. That’s the scary side to what’s happening. Been a killing this Very morning 3-30-20, around 5am or so in the same area. Young man in his 30’s died. Anger issues was the cause so they??? Say. Life isn’t going to get any better either. Thankful to be a member of this great Organization. Y’all are doing a fantastic job with the magazine books & CDs. No laptop to watch what’s on the Bullet & library is closed. Otherwise watching when I can, reading, learning.& staying away from the neighbors.


Preliminary reports are background checks are up 300%

NICS is back logged and overwhelmed causing delays.

Firearms are in stock, it’s the ammunition I see being more of the hard to find commodity.

The folks I helped give guidance have gone through NICS and all have picked up except for 1. He was supposed to have picked up yesterday but, they were closed due to having to change their hours after playing Simon says with your ordered closed/open flip flopping from last week.

I was waiting on a spring sale flyer to go and make my purchases and after getting caught up in the open/close flip flop I’m missing out.

I filed a compliant with the FPC, and 2 attorneys have contacted me via email and a follow up call on my cell phone to find out if I want to consider to be a plaintiff on a pending lawsuit. I let them know I’m open if they find I’m a good fit.

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Sales are through the roof.

No mass shootings. No increase (as far as I know) in general violence, firearms or otherwise. With the way the media is, if there was even a hint of increase it would be on play 24/7 in between COVID-19 press conferences.

I think a lot of folks think people will be shooting each other in the parking lots over toilet paper if “everyone” has a firearm, but that has never really happened in the past and I havent seen any signs of it under COVID-19 panic so far.

But I think its important to realize, that while things are a little squirrelly right now, they arent that bad. There is food on the shelves (even if it may require multiple trips), electricity is on, water is running, internet works, etc. The reason new buyers bought guns is in case of societal collapse, and so far that hasnt happened yet.

Criminals are going to criminal, no matter what. But regular folks wont turn into criminals as long as they arent starving.


You never will see that happen. Increased violence is always caused by criminals, not responsible, law abiding gun owners. This is what should be applauded in the media, but that doesn’t fit their narrative. They are too busy trying to figure out what to blame Trump for next.
So tired of their crap!


IMO, as the weather warms up, we see a tick up in crime. 70 degree days in NY and Chicago are right around the corner. I’m sure we’ll hear the MSM make a connection to firearms whether valid or not.

Reports of a down tick in crime due to the shelter in home areas has been reported. IMO, the cold weather (in general) keeps a lot of trouble makers off of the streets. Add that to the lockdowns and enhanced awareness of social boundaries and I would expect lower crime early on. I’m wondering if this makes any increase seem larger than usual.

Chicago joins New York, Los Angeles with drops in crime as coronavirus and shelter order take hold

Although I don’t agree with some of the assertions in the article, this one shows the published crime data for most of March in four major cities: As Coronavirus Surges, Crime Declines in Some Cities.

I’ve had numerous gun-friendly friends contact me and ask where they can buy their first gun. They’ve been to the range and they’ve taken classes, but never felt the need to own a gun before. Most have had to go to numerous stores to find a gun that they would be OK with, not the guns they set out looking for.

One friend had to go to three stores before they found a gun they wanted and then another 5 to find ammo - and it wasn’t self-defense ammo, but at least they have some ammo.

As fast as the popular guns come in, they are sold at the range where I shoot. Most are already ordered/reserved with a downpayment before they come in.

But I haven’t heard about any uptick in firearms violence or even firearms accidents.

To say things aren’t that bad is an understatement. Most epidemic survivors of the past would gladly trade CV19 for their experience with measles, flu, yellow fever, etc. etc. Somehow the mass riots didn’t break out back then, and they will not break out now. Because no reason.

As far as criminals, they are already perfectly equipped for their job. It is not gun sales that show they will be more active, it is irresponsible actions of some mayors, sheriffs and chiefs.


As I read this, you know what I thought of? The “Rules of Stupid”. Don’t go stupid places at stupid times with stupid people doing stupid things. The lockdown has prevented many people from violating the rules of stupid :laughing: which may be contributing to the lack of violence as those opportunistic criminals dont have any targets.


Exactly! Perfect post sir.